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Breaking News: Micky Yule Claims Silver!

Scottish Para Powerlifter Micky Yule Elevated to Silver Medal Position at 2022 Commonwealth Games

Breaking News: Micky Yule Claims Silver!

In a recent development following the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Para Powerlifting event last Summer, Micky Yule has been awarded the silver medal in the heavyweight category after the disqualification of Indian Para powerlifter Sudhir due to a positive doping test.

Micky Yule, who proudly represented Scotland at the Games, not only originally secured the bronze medal but was also selected to be the Team Scotland Flag Bearer at the opening ceremony.

At the heart of the competition, Micky displayed tremendous strength and determination, lifting an impressive 192kg in the heavyweight category, contributing to an overall result of 130.9.

In the same category, Liam McGarry representing England competed valiantly, initially placing fifth after lifting 215kg and achieving an overall result of 116.4.

The reevaluation of results due to Sudhir's disqualification now moves Micky Yule into the well-deserved silver medal position, and Liam McGarry advances to the 4th position, celebrating their remarkable achievements on the international stage.

In response to this development, they shared their thoughts:

Liam McGarry: "Firstly, I’m happy to receive the news of an improved ranking. I believe in clean sport, and it’s so frustrating that some athletes see value in cheating their way to glory and robbing clean athletes from moments in time that rarely come around twice. That being said, I’m so glad that the system has been able to prevail on this occasion, and the clean athletes have been promoted into their rightful rankings and medal places. Finally, this result shows athletes that there is nothing greater than maintaining an honest and integral approach throughout their careers."

Micky Yule: "I am absolutely delighted to have confirmation of my upgraded medal from Bronze to Silver from the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. I have always believed in myself and my ability to perform at the highest levels, even when my competition may have been looking to take the easy route to victory. I believe in Clean Sport and hope this shows all athletes that staying true to yourself and your integrity pays off in the long term."

Micky Yule and Liam McGarry have not only showcased extraordinary talent but also unwavering commitment to clean sport and integrity.


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