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Find out how to start your own weightlifting club and become affiliated with British Weight Lifting. Once affiliated, your club will be displayed on the Club Finder, which is promoted to the public throughout the year through our campaigns. 

What is an Affiliated Weightlifting Club? 

An affiliated club is a somewhere you can go to learn Olympic weightlifting and be part of a weightlifting community. 

A weightlifting club provides opportunities for all ages and groups of people. Allowing them to come together in a safe space to learn, express themselves and form friendships while taking part in a sport. 

As your club develops, your lifters will have the opportunity to compete at local, regional and national competitions. They will be able to compete for national titles, attempting to beat national records, with the possibility of being selected to represent Team GB on the international platform. 

Affiliated Weightlifting Clubs offer participants quality assurance 

Affiliating your club with British Weight Lifting provides quality assurance to your participants by demonstrating it 

  • Values licensed coaches able to teach weightlifting safely and effectively. 
  • Implements safeguarding practices, to minimise the risk of abuse and ensure that sport stays safe and enjoyable for all those involved. 
  • Recognises the potential of every lifter to personally develop through support and opportunity. 
  • Understands its role within the wider community and is invested in the development of weightlifting opportunities for everyone. 

Starting up a new Club 

If you’re in the early stages of setting up a weightlifting club our step-by-step guide available below will talk you through the main areas to think about. 

The guide covers the following aspects of starting a club: 

  1. Planning Your Club  
  2. Club Roles  
  3. Decide which Legal Structure to Use  
  4. Venue  
  5. Flooring and Equipment 
  6. Club Constitution and Policies 
  7. Generating Income  

Further guidance:  

Club Guide – Start a New Weightlifting Club 

Club Guide – New Club Checklist  

Club Guide – Legal Status of Your Club Structure  

Club Matters – ‘Organisation Structures’ online module (login required – free to register) 

Ready to Register your Club? 

If you would like to start the process of affiliating your weightlifting club today, please contact 


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