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What is a weightlifting club

A weightlifting club is a somewhere you can go to learn the sport of Olympic weightlifting. At a club you will teach the technique of weightlifting to your athletes, which could range from 5 years of age to 80+. You will need to be situated in a facility that can accommodate the demands of the sport, we have listed below a recommended equipment list you should consider before opening a club.

A Weightlifting club can become a strong part of an area’s community, providing an outlet for all ages and groups of people. Allowing them to come together in a safe space to learn, express themselves and form friendship while taking part in a sport.

As a club and lifters develop you have the opportunity to represent yourself at local, regional and nation competitions. Your lifters will be able to complete for national titles, attempted to beat national records and possibility of being selected to represent Team GB on the international platform.

If you are thinking about creating your own Weightlifting club you will receive guidance and support from our Regional Relationship managers and gain access to our specially designed Club Fundamental eLearning course (Link) to help through this process. If you would like to start this process today, please follow this link (LINK)


Recommended Equipment list for New Clubs


Olympic weightlifting clubs can be placed in many different types of facilities. Here is a list of the equipment we recommend a new weightlifting club should have:


22mm+ thick rubber matting/Platform

20kg Olympic Weight Lifting Bar

15kg Olympic Weight Lifting Bar

Technique Bar (7ft 5kg Aluminium)

Pairs of Rubber Weight Lifting Discs - 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg

Fraction weights 5kg-0.5kg

Collars (Spring/clip)

Free standing Squat racks


New Club Support


You will have access to our Regional Relationship Managers, they will be your point of contact within your region. They are on hand to assist you setting up your club and provide you with knowledge on the following key areas:


Your Regional Relationship Managers are:


Tom Wilkinson (North)


Olga Krzyszton (Midlands)


Owen Boxall (South) 



eLearning Support

British Weight Lifting Members will get access to the Club Fundamentals eLearning course created by your Regional Relationship Managers to help you grow and develop your club.

During the course, you will gain knowledge on what is needed to become a British Weight Lifting Licenced Club and join the hundreds of weightlifting clubs and gyms across the country that have access to support and exclusive perks, available only to British Weight Lifting Licenced clubs.


What you will learn during this course:

  • Who your local Regional Relationship manager is
  • The benefits of becoming a Licenced Club
  • What you need to become a BWL Licenced Club
  • Highlight responsibilities of your clubs and its key members
  • How to create important documents to develop your club
  • What British Weight Lifting recommends for your club to have
  • What the next steps in club development are

To enrol please follow this link (Link)


Club Matters Support

Club Matters is a portal, toolkit and programme run by Sport England. It provides free resources to help you develop and run as sustainable club.

Whether you are a club chair writing a plan to attract new members, a treasurer managing budgets or a Head Coach asking existing members what they want, Club Matters can help your club to thrive.

Club Matters offers a wide range of tools, top tips and quick and easy guides to help with the day-to-day running of clubs including:

Workshops – Free, short training sessions delivered across the country by experts on a range of specific areas.

Mentoring – Either for long-term support, or just a short call to sound out ideas, Club Matters’ ?exible mentoring scheme offers personal support at a time and place to suit.

Club Improvement Plans – Online resource for clubs of all sizes and at all stages of their development, to establish where they are performing well and where they can develop.

Club Views – A club survey tool helping users to ask members and volunteers what they think about their club and make suggestions.

Online Support – Help and guidance in all areas of running a sports club. This includes online toolkits, quick reference guides and e-learning modules.  



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