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The British Age Groups is a growing and more popular weightlifting event for the younger lifter in the UK, British Weight Lifting is pleased to announce that the British Age Groups will run over the weekend of 12 – 13 November and will be held at the sprinting track of John Charles Centre for Sport based in Leeds.

The British Age Groups 2022 will provide a competition opportunity for the younger weightlifters in the UK, in age groups ranging from U12 up to U23. Categorised as a Tier 1 event, the results from the competition will be listed on the BWL rankings and can be used for qualification to future national events and international selection.

The British Age Group 2022 will recognise the following age groups as categories in the BWL TCRR;

Development                                   Aged 12 and under on 31 December 2022

Under 15                                           Aged 15 and under on 31 December 2022

Under 17                                           Aged 17 or 15 on 31 December 2022

Under 20                                           Aged 20 or 15 on 31 December 2022

Under 23                                           Aged 23 or 15 on 31 December 2022

A lifter may enter several age groups if they have reached the qualification standard for each bodyweight category and must compete in each bodyweight event to be placed and awarded a medal.

The top three ranked lifters in lifter in each age groups and bodyweight category will be crowned as ‘British U12 2022 Champion’, British U15 2022 Champion’, `British U17 2022 Champion`, British U20 2022 Champion`, British U23 2022 Champion` respectively.

Placings will be determined according to total (in kg) for each age and body weight group, and medals will be awarded for the top three positions in each age and bodyweight category.

All totals must equal or exceed the qualification total for each body weight category, in the case where a lifter positions in `first place` with a total under the stated qualification total, they will be regarded as ‘winner’ rather than ‘champion’, and will not receive a medal as per TCRR Rule 6.8.2

First place (highest total)              Gold

Second place (next total)              Silver

Third place (next total)                  Bronze

If two lifters achieve the same total, they will be placed in accordance with the BWL TCRR rule where the winning total is determined by who achieved it first in the competition, regardless of bodyweight.

The accepted qualification period where lifters must have reached the qualification standard is from January 2021 to 26 September 2022.

The entries will open at 09:00 on Monday 19 September. The entry fee is £30 entries and will close at 17:00 on Monday 10 October.

The event will be capped at 200 entries.

The qualification standards for this event are listed on the BWL website please follow the link below to ensure you have reached the required total

Please note: there is no qualification total for lifters in the Under 12 Development category. The only requirement is they must have previously competed in a tier 3 competition or virtual.

Lifters may move bodyweight category up to 7 days before the event takes place as long as they have reached the qualification standard for the heavier category by giving written notice to  

Lifters U12, U15 and U17 are able to move up one category on the day as long as they have reached the qualification standard for the heavier category.

Further details regarding entries and the schedule will be announced in due course.




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