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2021 International Competition Qualification 

Due to the on-going challenges caused by Covid-19, the 2021 international weightlifting competition calendar remains very uncertain.

BWL feels strongly that any decision to send teams to international competitions in-light of the challenges around the world must be continually reviewed on a case by case basis. BWL will continue to review guidance shared by the British Government, UK Sport, Public Health organisations across the UK and other key stake holders to inform our understanding of the risks, challenges and restrictions across both the domestic and international landscape.

We appreciate this is a difficult and uncertain time for all of Britain’s leading Weightlifters, but we ask you to respect that the health and safety of all athletes, support staff and their families will remain our main priority for any decisions made on the selection of GBR international competition teams while the challenges around Covid-19 continue.

Any queries about changes to the ‘Minimum Eligibility Criteria’ for 2020 competition should be sent to BWL Talent Pathway Manager  

BWL All-Category Rankings

Application of Interest

Please see application of interest form here

New athletes - please submit an application of interest no later than 12 weeks before an international competition to ensure that BWL are made aware of your intention to qualify so that we can help guide you through the process of becoming eligible for international competition. Athletes must complete all steps outlined in the guide below

 ‘BWL first steps to competing internationally’

Athletes involved in Pathway / Performance programmes - must submit their application of interest no later than the 1st January each year. As an established athlete with ambitions to compete internationally BWL expect you and your personal coach to plan and organise your annual competition schedule to ensure that you can qualify and prepare effectively. We ask athletes, coaches and parents to carefully consider how each competition fits in to an athlete’s development plan considering the guidance in the table below.




per year

Olympic Pathway

Priority Events

Commonwealth Pathway

Priority Events

Development or Qualification




World Senior Championships & European Senior Championships

European Senior Championships &

Commonwealth Senior Championships

As necessary to maintain sufficient eligibility for major games qualification

Under 23


European Under 23 &

European Senior Championships

European Under 23 &

Commonwealth Senior Championships

British Senior Championships &

Home Nation Senior Championships

Junior (u20)


World Junior Championships & European Junior Championships

European Junior Championships &

British Senior Championships

Home Nation Senior Championships &

British Age-Group Championships

Youth (u17)


World Youth Championships & European Youth Championships

European Youth Championships &

British Age-Group Championships

Home Nation Age-Group Championships & Regional Open Series events

Youth (u15)


European u15 Championships &

British Age-Group Championships

British Age-Group Championships &

Home Nation Age-Group Championships

Regional Open Series events &

Local BWL Sport 80 competitions

In the case of youth and junior athletes we also ask athlete support teams to strongly consider an individual’s academic and wider lifestyle requirements, planning a schedule of competition which does not adversely affect their wider personal development.

International Competition Calendars – the International weightlifting Calendar is governed by a number of key organisations. All athletes, coaches and parents should make themselves familiar with these websites and regularly check these websites for updates.


  • International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) – calendar found here for all Olympic qualification and World championship events
  • European Weightlifting Federation (EWF) – calendar found here for all European events
  • Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation (CWF) - calendar found here for all Commonwealth qualification events and championships

International Qualification Standards

Male Olympic Pathway standards

Female Olympic Pathway standards

Female Commonwealth Pathway standards

Male Commonwealth Pathway standards

Male Development standards

Female Development standards

BWL Amended Standards 2020

Selection Policies

European Senior Championships Selection Policy 2022

Commonwealth Games 2022 Selection Policy

BWL Selection - Appeals procedure for B2022 Commonwealth Games

IWF World Junior Championships Selection Policy 2022

IWF World Youth Championships Selection Policy 2022

Qualification Timeline

We aim to release selection policies as soon as possible after the IWF/EWF confirm the dates and locations of the competition each year. Once the selection policy is released we attempt to keep as closely as possible to the schedule highlighted below.

Selection Philosophy

BWL IQS (International Qualification standards) are based on statistical analysis of predicted Olympic and Commonwealth Games medal zones.

All age-group totals (Youth, Junior & U23) will be based on these standards from 2019. The standards are mapped across age-groups using averages of the long-term career trajectories of Britain’s historic CWG medal winners.

BWL selection policies are created to provide international competition experience for British lifters who demonstrate the potential to contribute towards Medals at Birmingham 2022, Paris 2024, LA 2028 or future World and European Senior championships.


Please read the following documents carefully to help you understand your eligibility to compete at international competition for Great Britain;



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