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Within this page we will guide you through the lifting techniques which make up the competitive element of our sport, as well an introduction to weight training and ways we can support you in your weightlifting journey.


Olympic Weightlifting is an incredible feat of both physical and mental strength where athletes often lift more than their bodyweight high above their head. The sport concentrates on two very technical lifts; the ‘Snatch’ and the ‘Clean & Jerk’.

The Snatch detail: A barbell loaded with weight plates is placed horizontally on the platform in from of the lifters legs. It is gripped, palms downwards and pulled in a single movement from the platform to the full extent of both arms above the head, while either splitting or bending the legs. The movement is completed with the lifter moving to a standing position with the bar still held above the head.

The Clean & Jerk detail: The bar is again placed horizontally in front of the lifter and is gripped with palms facing downward. It is it then pulled in a single movement from the platform to the shoulders while either splitting or bending the legs. The bar is then rested on the lifters chest whereby their legs are straight before performing the jerk. The lifter then bends the legs and extends them as well as the arms, to bring the bar to the full stretch where the arms are vertically extended.

Safety is paramount…

The Olympic lifts are considered as the most difficult and complex weightlifting techniques. Discipline, concentration and dedication are all required to master these lifts and safety should always be exercised. We advise that no-one attempts an Olympic lift without prior training and supervision.

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Weight Training is the most common type of strength and conditioning used to develop the strength and size of skeletal muscles. The basic principles of weight training involve targeting specific muscle groups by performing exercises that either use bodyweight, weighted bars, dumbbells or specialised equipment.

Everyone will be familiar with a least one Weight Training exercise, whether it’s the Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Dumbbell Curl or Abdominal Crunch. Many of these exercises form key movements required in the Olympic and Paralympic lifts, and much like these disciplines, Weight Training relies on the correct execution of the exercise, otherwise known as ‘form’. Incorrectly performing these exercises can result in injury or failure to get the desired results because the targeted muscle group is not challenged sufficiently.

The boom in the health and fitness industry means there is now a plethora of training advice available at your fingertips, however, we strongly advise that you do your research. It’s incredibly important that the advice you take is from a trusted source, and you also need to ensure that it aligns with your level of experience in weightlifting or training. Lifting safely and efficiently should be your number one priority.

Para Powerlifting is the Paralympic weightlifting discipline which has been adapted from non-disabled powerlifting. This discipline concentrates solely on the Bench Press movement and sees athletes lift more than three times their bodyweight!

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Where do I start?

It’s our mission to get more of you involved in weightlifting, training and bearing exercises. With that in mind we have created a number of networks, initiatives and programmes that will support you on your journey as someone involved in the world of weightlifting or training.

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