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Here some useful information of the different funding streams available to clubs, coaches and links to related websites. For more information on funding and how you plan to start an application, please get in touch with your local British Weight Lifting Regional Relationship Manager

Getting to grips with funding

Applying for funding can be daunting, especially if you have not done it before. Sport England have some fantastic guidance to help you get to grips with funding. Their guidance offers you areas to think about before you apply for funding and what to expect from the application process, focusing on understanding the questions asked.

What you will need

Before you begin any of the funding application processes you will need to fulfil some prerequisites. These include:

  • Being a British Weight Lifting affiliated club
  • Have a Club bank account
  • Have a project in mind (if you are unsure how to design your project or if your project is viable please get in touch with your regional manager).

Types of funding

There are several different types of funding available to clubs funding a host of different projects from coaching and equipment to building refurbishment and improvements. The following list will give some examples of different funding streams available and where to get in touch. Be aware that some funders will only fund specific projects such as coaching or equipment.

For a full guide to funding please download our How to – Funding Document

General Funding

Crowd Funding

Bid Writing

If once you have completed your research and know what funding you want to apply for, it is now time to write a winning application. Although applications can be very different, funders are looking for the following key things:

NEED – Why is your project needed?

DELIVERY- How will you deliver the project?

IMPACT – What will be the impact of your project?

SUSTAINABLILTY – How will you make your project sustainable?

For an in depth look into bid writing please download our How to – Bid writing Document


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