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Join our Partner Gym program with British Weight Lifting at the exclusive rate of £99/year, plus the cost of BWL membership. This partnership offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with an enthusiastic community dedicated to strength, weightlifting, and para powerlifting.


Benefits of becoming a Partner Gym include:

  • Feature your venue on BWL’s Club Finder
  • 25% discount with Eleiko
  • 10% discount with Sport and Fitness Flooring
  • 5% discount on BWL training & qualifications
  • Coming soon - Exclusive sign up offer with BoxMate including Team Up integration
  • Regular newsletters and communication
  • Use the Partner Gym logo in your communications

Reach your Target Audience

British Weight Lifting’s audience ranges from beginners of all ages looking for a place to start out, to competitive athletes requiring multiple bases to train from.

Become a Partner Gym to attract individuals genuinely interested in strength-based training, ensuring a higher likelihood of conversions and member retention.


To become a Partner Gym your organisation needs to be a registered UK business or charity and you need to have a venue that caters for either:

  • strength activities using free weights
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • or para powerlifting.

How to Sign Up

Step 1: Sign up as a Member to British Weight Lifting

  1. Click here to create your profile and purchase your individual membership with British Weightlifting

Step 2: Set up your Partner Gym

  1. Once you have BWL membership, sign in to the Members platform
  2. Select ‘Set up Partner Gym’ from the left hand side
  3. Enter your organisation details and click ‘Add’
  4. Select ‘Memberships’ and ‘Add Membership’
  5. Complete the questions about your facility, including what information you’d like to be displayed on British Weight Lifting’s website and fill in your Company Number (this is so only verified organisations are featured)

Terms and Conditions apply. 

If you have multiple venues that you’d like to feature, please contact


What do you mean by strength activities?

We advocate for strength as a lifestyle, including any form of resistance exercise with particular focus on the development of foundational movement patterns.

What's Para powerlifting?

Para powerlifting offers something for anyone who wants to get under a barbell. At an international level, athletes compete lying on an official World Para Powerlifting approved bench.

What's Olympic weightlifting?

There are two stages in Olympic weightlifting competitions – the snatch and the clean and jerk. Weightlifters compete in bodyweight categories, or weight classes.


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