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The British Weight Lifting Foundation has been created because we believe that weightlifting and para powerlifting has the power to bring change to people’s lives; connecting communities most in need, helping to provide space and equipment for clubs and nurturing the future generations of lifters and coaches.

The Foundation is determined to make a significant, sustainable and positive change in the sport of weightlifting to ensure it is inclusive to all.

The team behind the Foundation are passionate about helping to provide opportunities and the charity has been set up to create as much benefit to individuals and clubs as possible. The trustees and staff behind the Foundation are committed to ensuring the charity’s fundraising, programmes, projects and day to day running is as effective and efficient as possible to maximise the benefits available and transform people’s lives.



The charity has been created to build funds to benefit the individuals and clubs, with clear aims to:

Enable the growth and development of the sport to a broader and more diverse set of communities to ensure the sport is accessible to all, improving the physical and mental health of individuals and communities.

Offer educational and learning opportunities to upskill existing coaches and develop new coaches who are not able to access development opportunities due to financial restrictions.

Provide support for clubs who play a pivotal part in our communities, encouraging people into the sport. Helping them to be able to access knowledge and equipment, opportunities to compete in competitions and to grow their own community. Assisting clubs in deprived postcodes to help build their infrastructure and provide them with the kit they need or simply allowing clubs who are experiencing financial difficulties to access funds to help keep the doors open.

Support young lifters to help encourage them into the sport to enjoy at grassroots level as well as those working towards competing on an international stage.

Social and community development to strengthen our commitment to connecting with communities helping them to be more active by engaging in weight training. Supporting grassroots initiatives that respond to the interests and values of the communities involved.

The Board of Trustees of the British Weight Lifting Foundation are:

  • Chair: Neill Wood (BWL Independent Non-Executive Director)
  • Trustee: Mark Martin (BWL Finance Director & Company Secretary)
  • Trustee: Matthew Curtain (BWL CEO & Board Member)

We understand that when people experience financial hardship or crisis that all too often it can result in them missing out on important opportunities which can transform their lives.

Here at the British Weight Lifting Foundation, we are committed to working with athletes, individuals, clubs and communities, providing support, education, opening doors for new opportunities and supporting people who are experiencing exceptionally difficult times.

The Foundation will be actively seeking funding opportunities to apply for to build funds.

Want to leave British Weight Lifting a legacy gift in your will – contact us by emailing

If you are keen to support our charity's good work, then donating money couldn't be easier! Choose an amount below or specify your own donation amount and you can make a single donation or set up a regular donation. It’s as simple as that!

Donate now to help support stronger communities:

  • £5 – Could go towards helping a club working on their social impact project.
  • £10 – Could enable one person living in a deprived area to have their first coached weightlifting lesson.
  • £25 – Could go towards providing weightlifting equipment for a new club.


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