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‎The Virtual England Championships, new for 2021, will take place between 8 - 15 February. Building on the originally scheduled England Age Group Championships, the England Championships will provide a competition opportunity for every weightlifter in England.

England Championships scheduled for 08-15 February will still go ahead

In light of the latest restrictions implemented by Government British Weight Lifting is aware that access to gyms and equipment may be challenging for some of our members.  However, it's important to continue to offer competition opportunities to those members who are in a position to continue training due to having access to equipment at home, and have prepared for the England Championships in February, and to maintain as much as structure as possible within what are undoubtably difficult times.

The competition:

The England Championships will run as a virtual competition, using the same system as the BWL Winter Open and the British Open Series.  The competition will be open to all BWL members with a postal address in England. 

Classed as a Tier 2 event the results from the competition can be used for rankings and qualification to future national events, and the winners of each age group and category will be crowned ‘2021 England Championships Champion’.


  • In a change from previous national level events there are no qualification requirements for the England Championships.
  • You need to be a current member of British Weight Lifting with a postal address in England (determined by your membership profile)
  • There is no cap on entry numbers
  • Entries will be processed through the virtual competition hub
  • Entries will cost £15.00
  • To enter you will need to film yourself making three attempts at the snatch and clean & jerk and upload them to the competition webpage
  • The Virtual England Championships webpage has a full guide to your video submission including weigh in, camera position and equipment.

Entry link coming soon. 

Key dates

  • Entries will open at 1200 midday on Monday 08 February
  • Entries will close as 1200 midday on Monday 15 February
  • Results will be published on Monday 22 February


Age Groups and results

The Virtual England Championships will recognise every age group in the BWL TCRR;

Development (U10)           Aged 10 or below on 31 December 2021

Development (U12)           Aged 11 or 12 on 31 December 2021

Youth (U15)                         Aged 13 to 15 on 31 December 2021

Youth (U17)                         Aged 16 or 17 on 31 December 2021

Junior (U20)                      Aged 18 to 20 on 31 December 2021

Under 23                            Aged 21 to 23 on 31 December 2021

Senior                                Aged 24 to 34 on 31 December 2021

Masters*                             Aged 35 or above on 31 December 2021

*Masters age groups will be in 5-year increments (35-39, 40-44, 45-49 etc up to 80+)

The top three ranked lifters in each age group and bodyweight category will be crowned ‘2021 England Open Champion’.  Placings will be determined according to Total for all age groups except Development, which will be scored using technique points.

For more information contact British Weight Lifting by emailing or call 01132 249 402

Follow these how-to videos to ensure your entry meets the necessary requirements for virtual competitions: 


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