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BWL is fully committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees, potential employees, past, present and potential members and participants, coaches, instructors, volunteers and officials.

Our commitment to equal opportunities ensures everyone will be treated fairly and on an equal basis. We do not condone discrimination on the grounds of sex, age, disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief,  sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity or marital or civil partnership, gender reassignment or social status.

Strategic Plan

Inclusivity is one of our core principles running through the heart of BWL’s 2017-2021 Strategic plan, as we strive to ensure our sport is accessible and attractive to the widest audience.  We encourage all connected to weightlifting to embrace diversity and we are actively seeking new partnerships to broaden our offer.   In our Strategic Plan we have committed to increasing the diversity of volunteers (including Board and committee members), participants, instructors, staff and our wider workforce.

We welcome all participants, volunteers, coaches, spectators and technical officials to all BWL events regardless of of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, disability, gender, sexual orientation or marital status and will not discriminate against any individual or group.   

ES Int

The Equality Standard - A Framework for Sport

BWL is fully committed to the Equality Standard for Sport, established by the Sports Councils as a benchmark for NGBs to whom they provide funding.  Key dates that we have achieved these awards are: 

Level of the Standard

Target Date


Achieved in October 2019

(Target date October 2019)


Achieved on 1 July 2020

(Target date 31 October 2021)

BWL Board Diversity

3 of the 9 active BWL board members are female, with all members varying in age and background.  Two members are from a minority ethnic group and one of our athlete representatives is disabled.  We aim to have a minimum of 30% female directors on our Board.

Board vacancies are advertised openly using a wide range of media, including Stakeholder websites, Women on Boards and the Sporting Equals Leader board.  Candidates are shortlisted by our appointed Nomination Committee on the basis of their competences, knowledge, skills and experience, taking account of any skills gaps in the competences of the remaining Board members.   Where there is more than one candidate with a similar range of skills and competences, the Nomination Committee use positive action with the aim of ensuring that, if at all possible, the shortlist includes suitably skilled women, people with disabilities and people from BAME backgrounds.


BWL conducts regular equality monitoring of all groups - Board, staff, job applicants, members, coaches, instructors, officials, elite squads.



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