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Wherever you live in the UK, we have licensed weightlifting Coaches and Technical Officials (TOs) working locally, ready to help you.

Licensed Coaches and TO’s are trained by British Weight Lifting, have a Level 2 qualification (as a minimum), and are DBS checked. These are important features to think about when identifying a suitable coach to work with.

Additionally, only individuals who are licenced are eligible to officiate or coach at BWL events.

The Coaches and Officials featured on the Locator have all opted into this service and are ready to receive your enquiry.

How can the Locator help you?

The Locator is useful for new participants, athletes, parents, clubs and other organisations. For example:

  • You’re new to weightlifting and want to start
  • You’ve got experience of weightlifting and want to develop further
  • You take part in a different sport and want to weight-lift to improve your performance
  • You’re looking for a coach for a one-off session or ongoing coaching
  • You’re recruiting Technical Officials to help your organisation host a British Weight Lifting competition
  • You’re recruiting a Coach to deliver sessions at your club
  • You want to check the status of someone’s Licence

Coach and TO Locator

Click here to get in touch with a British Weight Lifting Coach or TO today!

Want to be featured on the Locator?

To be featured on the Locator, you must be a Licenced British Weight Lifting Coach or TO. Once, licensed, just login to your British Weight Lifting profile, select ‘Licences’ and fill in your ‘Locator Preferences’.


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