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We pride ourselves on having a diverse and forward-thinking Board that includes both independent and non-independent individuals. We have a highly experienced Board that offers a wide variety of skills and expertise in the sports, legal, finance and medical sectors.

The Board

  • Angus Kinnear - Chairman
  • Ashley Metcalfe - Chief Executive Officer
  • Philip Edmondson - Non-Executive Director
  • Jenny Tong- Non Executive Director
  • Matthew Curtain -  Non-Executive Director (Chair of the England Committee)
  • Guy Taylor - Independent Board Member (Chair of the International Relations Committee)
  • Kelly Sotherton - Independent Board Member (Chair of the BWL Performance Committee)
  • Jane Fenwick - Independent Board Member  
  • Rupinder Ashworth - Independent Board Member (Chair of the Commercial & Development Committee)
  • Neill Wood - Independent Board Member (Chair of the Audit Committee)
  • Mark Martin - Company Secretary

BWL Athlete Representatives:

  • Ali Jawad (Para-Powerlifting) 
  • Emily Campbell (Olympic Weightlifting)

To contact a member of the board, please email 

Members of Staff

Our staff are at the heart of everything we do and we are incredibly proud of their commitment, professionalism and expertise.

Events Team

Workforce Team

Performance Team (Para Powerlifting)

Performance Team (Olympic Weightlifting)

Finance and General Office Team

Marketing, Communications and Engagement Team


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