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As the UK's recognised Governing Body for weightlifting, our role is to inspire a nation of weightlifters through exceptional leadership and expertise.

We are responsible for the growth and success of weightlifting at every level. Our work sees us support a network of weightlifting bodies, clubs and gyms across the UK, as well as the thousands of people actively involved in Olympic and Paralympic weightlifting disciplines.

We strive to deliver exceptional training programmes, educational structures and competitions that create opportunities for people to participate and excel in our sport. Whether you’re an aspiring weightlifter at your local club or an elite athlete competing on the international stage, we are here to help you fulfil your potential.

Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionise the way our nation engages in weightlifting, bearing and training activities by creating opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to participate. We believe that we can play an important role in making weightlifting a part of everyday, and a mean to tackle national inactivity. In doing so, we believe we can help create a healthier, happier and stronger nation.

Our 2016 to 2021 strategy outlines our objectives:

  • Increase national participation in weightlifting, bearing and training activities
  • Promote inclusivity and diversity to create opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to get involved in the sport
  • Become global leader in weightlifting, on and off the platform
  • Maximise investment and partnerships to drive the growth of the sport

Click below to read the full British Weight Lifting strategy document:

BWL Strategy

You can visit our Resource Centre to access our latest meeting minutes and our array of governance policies:

VISIT our resource centre


Our commitment to safeguarding

We are committed to promoting the safety and welfare of children and young people engaged in our sport. We have developed a set of principles with this thought in the forefront of our minds, and we aim to contribute to safeguarding children and young people by:

  • Applying the principles and practices in ‘Working Together 2018’
  • Influencing and advocating at a strategic level
  • Implementing and demonstrating best safeguarding practices, and passing on this knowledge to all those involved in our sport
  • Working with partners to establish and implement safeguarding standards across the sport
  • Ensuring that all individuals and organisations that are funded or commissioned to provide services for children and young are effectively addressing safeguarding
  • Maximising our influence to promote safeguarding practice and principles within our wider partnership roles and relationships

If you have any safeguarding concerns or would like further advice please contact our Safeguarding Lead - Sue Ward via email or via telephone: 01132 249 402

Our Resource Centre also has a wide variety of Safeguarding-related documents including best practice, guidance and useful safeguarding contacts. Click the button below to access the BWL Resource Centre.



Anti-doping and a zero-tolerance approach

We work with the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) in the fight against doping.

Doping is the administration of a prohibited substance and/or method to enhance performance or recovery. To allow the use of prohibited substances or methods would be to allow science to decide who wins or loses.  We enforce a strict zero-tolerance approach to Doping, and conduct a full anti-doping programme that covers the vital areas of education; testing (both in and out of competition) and results management.

By using our Resource Centre, you can access a range of Anti-Doping resources including an overview of our approach to WADA and UKAD rules, as well as prohibited lists, supplement policies and therapeutic use exemptions amongst many others.

access more useful Anti-Doping information


Championing Inclusivity

Inclusivity is one of our core principles and we have developed a strategy that will ensure that our sport is accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Our 2017-21 strategic plan outlines ways that we aim to champion inclusivity throughout our organisation and our sport. This includes the following goals:

  • Increase the diversity of staff, volunteers, participants and our wide workforce
  • Celebrate our identity as an equal opportunities employer
  • Remain fully compliant with the Equality Standard for Sport
  • Establish partnerships with organisations who share our philosophy
  • Promote inclusivity throughout all of our initiatives, programmes and events
  • Ensure diversity at Board-level
  • Ensure diversity procedures, policies and practices remain active throughout BWL
  • Proactive monitoring of activities and groups

Read more about our diversity and Equality 


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