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2024 IWF World Cup Phuket: Key Highlights

From March 31 to April 11, the 2024 IWF World Cup in Phuket brought together a diverse group of top-tier weightlifters from around the globe.

2024 IWF World Cup Phuket: Key Highlights

This event was the final opportunity for athletes to qualify for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics, adding to the intensity and excitement of the competition.

Zoe Smith competed in the 64kg category. After nailing an 85kg snatch on her second attempt, Zoe pushed her limits in the clean & jerk, successfully lifting 109kg and then 113kg. 

Sarah Davies competed in the 71kg category. She started strong with a 100kg snatch and continued to captivate the audience with a 130kg clean & jerk. 

Chris Murray's participation was cut short due to an injury that required surgical intervention. We him a speedy and full recovery!

Katrina Feklistova competed fiercely in the 81kg category. Despite a challenging start with a missed attempt at 102kg in the snatch, Katrina showcased her mental and physical resilience by successfully lifting the same weight on her second try. She continued her momentum into the clean & jerk, lifting 124kg followed by 127kg.

Ramiro Mora, competed in the 102kg category, representing the IWF Refugee Team, impressed with snatches at 157kg and 162kg, and a clean & jerk at 197kg before an injury cut his participation short. We him a speedy and full recovery!

Emily Campbell, ranked number 3 globally in the 81+kg category, was present but did not compete, maintaining her focus on upcoming competitions.

Despite strong showings, Zoe Smith, Sarah Davies, and Chris Murray were unable to secure their spots for the Olympics in this final qualifying round. 

Supporting the athletes throughout the event were Stuart Martin, Head of Performance for Weightlifting, and Dave Sawyer, the National Coach. Physio Liam Rodgers was also on hand to provide essential medical and recovery support. Their expertise and encouragement were crucial for the athletes' performances. Special thanks are extended to UK Sport for its unwavering support and investment in the development of British Weight Lifting.


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