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Why a BWL course can aid coaching within all types of sport

Emma Kirk Odunubi is a Level 4 S&C Coach, Track Life LDN Coach with a degree in BSc Sports Science. She is also a shoe / gait geek and marathon runner.

Emma attended our Level 1 Award in Coaching Weightlifting which included 4 – 8 hours E-learning and a 2-day practical session. Here she answers some questions on the course and how it will help her when coaching runners.

Why a BWL course can aid coaching within all types of sport

Why did you choose a British Weight Lifting course?

 “I chose to do a British weightlifting course as I’m recreational CrossFit athlete & an extremely passionate lifter. I’m also a running coach who continually tells runners how important it is to lift weights, to be strong enough to run on the road and help prevent injury. The course was very easy to access and I enjoyed the possibility that after it I would be qualified to not only help myself, but help others to be better”. 

 What were the key things you learnt that you didn’t already know?

 “Key things I learnt that I didn’t already know were the specific positions that should be addressed at every key moment during the lift. I enjoyed learning how to adapt this for multiple abilities which were present during the course”. 

 How will you integrate what you have learnt when developing programmes for runners?

 “Runners firstly need power in order to run! To be able to transfer force through their ankles/knees and hips. Through the Clean and Snatch, triple extension is necessary to complete the lift. Therefore this force production is transferable to running! In the future, using what I learnt during my level 1 course I will definitely implement cleans and/or snatches into my clients programmes to develop their strength and power further”. 

Are there any elements of performance running that could be incorporated into a weightlifters routine?

 “Apart from the triple extension work which is already discussed above, I believe unilateral strength work would aid lifters. Being extremely strong on one leg, sets you up for an even better base of support on two. Exercises such as Bulgarian split squats and weighted barbell lunges are key for a runner and would benefit a lifter also”.

Why should other PT’s / health professionals go on a BWL coaching course?

 “I believe the BWL Level one course is imperative for PTs/health professionals so they can understand the correct weightlifting standards. It’s an interest and sport rapidly growing in the UK amongst men as well as a vast amount of women. Being a PT with this qualification will make you stand out and it was truly an educational and enjoyable weekend. Personally, now I have my level 1, I look forward to taking my level 2 course in the new year to expand my knowledge further!”

British Weight Lifting Courses

We currently have the following Level 1 coaching courses running throughout December. What’s more, if you quote EMMA10 – you can receive 10% off the cost of any BWL course*. Please note that the course doesn’t have to be taking place before 31 December 2019, it just has to be booked.

 Level 1 Assistant Coach Course

  • Barton Athletics – 7 & 8 December
  • Uckfield - 7 & 8 December
  • Loughborough – 14 & 15 December

For more information on our courses, please visit

 *Terms and Conditions

Offer valid until 31 December 2019. Please enter code EMMA10 online when purchasing a course to be eligible for the 10% discount. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer however membership discount is still valid. The discount does not apply to workshops, e-learning only courses or Satellite Education Centres. British Weight Lifting courses are available to people aged 16 years and older. British Weight Lifting reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion due to events or circumstances arising beyond its control. Promoter: British Weight Lifting, St Anns Mills, Commercial Road, Leeds LS5 3AE


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