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At British Weight Lifting we deliver a variety of industry recognised Olympic Weightlifting Coaching courses, Strength Training coaching courses, and courses on how to improving your own lifting. You don't have to be a British Weight Lifting member to attend our courses, however, if you do have a valid membership you will be eligible for discounts on our courses. We work in partnership with Focus Awards (regulated awarding body) to accredit our qualifications.

Coaching Pathway- Olympic Weightlifting

The coaching pathway provide the only qualifications that are recognised for our exclusive coach license scheme and cover the official BWL Technical Models.

  • Learn how to coach the Olympic Lifts in a club/gym setting
  • Learn the rules of the sport
  • Focussed on coaching to improve performance in the Olympic Lifts for your athletes
  • Learn about the exclusive BWL Technical Models for the Olympic Lifts
  • Learn how to coach in line with the BWL Teaching Method for the Olympic Lift
  • Learn how to structure a session and programming for Olympic Weightlifting with access to supporting resources
  • Access to BWL’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan
  • Learn more about planning long-term for competition goals and progression of your                 athlete(s)
  • Access to be able to apply for the exclusive BWL Coach Licence scheme to coach at                 official competitions
  • Learn about key coaching and communication skills

For more information on our Coaching Courses, including modules; prices and to book click here

Coaching Pathway - Strength Training

Are you looking to expand your weightlifting knowledge and skills? Are you a Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach or Strength & Conditioning Coach? If so, this pathway is for you!

  • Learn how to instruct Weight Training in a gym/fitness/strength and conditioning                         environment
  • Access to a wide range of Weight Training exercises including variations of the Olympic            Lifts
  • Covers how to improve general athletic development performance in a wide range of                sports using the of the Olympic Lifts and their variations 
  • Learn how to programme Weight Training sessions effectively to support your client’s               overall goals 
  • Learn how to programme to develop strength and power for other sports
  • How to plan for a client’s long term goal(s) and develop the skills they need
  • Learn about the exclusive BWL Technical Models for the 26 lifts covered across the                   pathway including: Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, Olympic Lifts and variations

For more information on our Strength Training Coaching Courses, including modules, process and to book click here

My Lifting Pathway 

At British Weight Lifting we have designed a variety of courses to help you improve your lifting technique and performance. You will learn from the best educators and coaches in the sport and become a fitter, stronger and a more effective athlete. 

  • We will teach you how to lift in line with the BWL Teaching Method and how you can use the exercises to improve your lifting performance 
  • Learn about the key technical components to improve your overall lifting
  • Receive feedback on your own lifts using the BWL Technical Model
  • Receive advice, hints and tips from BWL’s top educators/coaches
  • Improve your totals in the chosen lift

For more information on our My Lifting Courses, including modules, prices and to book click here

Technical Officials Pathway- Olympic Weightlifting 

Technical Officials are invaluable to our sport and our competitions. They are the Referees that adjudicate lifts; the Speakers who drive competitions along and the Marshals who manage the teams and lifters.

  • Learn how to operate in various Technical Official roles 
  • Move up the pathway at your own pace with new opportunities as you do
  • Support BWL competitions
  • Start your journey to becoming an international official
  • Learn about the rules of the Sport

For more information on our Technical Official Courses, including modules; prices and to book click here



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