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Every year British Weightlifting's competition team review the national qualification totals so that our events align with developments within the sport domestically. The 2024 national qualification totals are available at the bottom of this page. Note, some are still to be confirmed.


Qualification Totals 

To achieve a qualification total for a Tier 1 or Tier 2 competition the total must have been achieved in the same bodyweight category that the lifter first submits an entry for.

For example: A total achieved in the Women's 71kg bodyweight category can only be used to qualify for the Women's 71kg bodyweight category. Changes to bodyweight categories can be made after entering an event. 

More information can be found on section 6.1 of the Technical and Competition Rules and Regulations. 

Eligible Events 

Results from the following competitions will be considered eligible for qualification to BWL events:

- Any Tier 1, 2 or 3 competition run in accordance with BWL regulations.

- Any competition run by IWF and its affiliated regional bodies  For example the European Weightlifting Federation.

- The senior national championships of a national federation that is affiliated and in good standing with the IWF, with results supplied directly to BWL by the federation.

- Any competition results that are not listed herein are subject to the discretion of BWL to determine if they may apply as a qualification total.


Other Requirements 

As well as hitting the minimum qualification total some BWL events also have other entry requirements. This information will be published on the relevant competition web page.

For more information on any of the changes listed above please contact the British Weight Lifting competitions team on 01132 249 402 or email



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