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We are excited to announce our new Strength Series, designed to challenge and inspire athletes of all levels.

Each competition in the series will push your limits and help you develop optimal Olympic Weightlifting techniques. Here’s what you need to know:

Competition Details

ON GOING: 30:30 Challenge

Registration open until: 17 July 2024

Description: 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Ascending barbell weight for 3 rounds.


Round 1: 40kg/30kg (Scaled Male/Scaled Female) to 60kg/40kg (Male/Female)

Round 2: 50kg/35kg (Scaled Male/Scaled Female) to 80kg/55kg (Male/Female)

Round 3: 60kg/40kg (Scaled Male/Scaled Female) to 100kg/70kg (Male/Female)

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UPCOMING: Triple B 2.0

Date: TBD

Description: 3-minute Clean & Jerk AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible).


Male: 60kg / 80kg

Female: 40kg / 55kg


UPCOMING: A Simple Complex

Date: TBD

Description: 1 Clean + 2 Hang Cleans into max Front Squat in the remaining time.


Male: 60kg / 80kg

Female: 40kg / 55kg

How to Participate

  • Record Your Performance: Athletes must record themselves completing each competition. Videos must be unedited, with a visible timer and clear display of weights and equipment.
  • Submit Your Videos: Ensure the entire athlete and equipment are visible throughout the performance, with a 45-degree angle from the profile view recommended.

Movement Standards

  • Allowed Equipment: Weightlifting shoes, wrist wraps, belts, arm or knee sleeves are permitted. Knee wraps, powerlifting suits, or straps are not allowed.
  • Video Requirements: The video must be continuous and unedited, showing the athlete and equipment clearly.
  • Execution: Movements must adhere to specified standards to be counted. Preloading the bar is allowed, but any attempts must fall within the scoring period.

Prizes and Recognition

Prizes include vouchers, competition tickets, course discounts, and more! 


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