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UK Para-Powerlifters Shine at Dubai World Cup: Onwards to Paris

The Para Powerlifting World Cup in Dubai, held from February 28 to March 6, has witnessed a series of outstanding performances from Great Britain’s team, with athletes achieving personal bests, setting records, and climbing up the rankings in anticipation of the Paris Games.

UK Para-Powerlifters Shine at Dubai World Cup: Onwards to Paris

Currently, all the mentioned athletes are in the top 8 rankings, a promising position with more qualification events to come.

Zoe Newson’s Valiant Effort in Women’s 45kg Category:

Zoe Newson showcased her strength and determination in the Women’s 45kg category, securing a commendable 3rd place with two successful lifts out of three attempts (98kg and 102kg, with a missed attempt at 105kg). The 105kg lift would have marked a personal best, and she was very close to achieving it. Despite an appeal on the final lift decision, it was unfortunately rejected. Zoe remains in a strong 4th place in the Paris rankings.

Matthew Harding's Podium Finish:

It was a day to remember for Matthew Harding in the Men’s 80kg category as he claimed a superb 3rd place. Harding executed a flawless performance with a hat trick of successful lifts, culminating in a personal best of 192kg. His efforts have not only resulted in a podium finish but also vaulted him into the top 8 ranking for the upcoming Paris competition, an impressive feat given this was his first outing in the new weight class.

Mark Swan Sets New European Record:

Mark Swan soared in the Men’s 72kg class, seizing 2nd place with a perfect lift sequence, peaking at 213kg. His awe-inspiring performance broke the European record and solidified his position within the top 8 for Paris.

Liam McGarry Holds Steady:

In the Men’s over 107kg category, Liam McGarry secured 6th place. Despite successfully lifting 226kg on his first attempt, challenges with subsequent lifts did not diminish his standing. McGarry's resilience placed him at 8th in the Paris rankings.

Rebecca Bedford Secures Podium Spot:

Rebecca Bedford demonstrated formidable strength in the Women’s 61kg category, achieving 3rd place with an impeccable record of lifts and a final successful attempt of 103kg. This performance places her in the top 8 of the Paris qualification rankings.

Louise Sugden's Steady Ascent:

Louise Sugden clinched an impressive 2nd place in the Women’s up to 86kg category, lifting 128kg. Her two successful lifts mark a 1kg increase from her previous competition, placing her at 8th in the rankings.

Charlotte McGuinness and Olivia Broome Excel:

Charlotte McGuinness, competing in the Women’s 55kg category, secured a commendable 5th place, nailing all three attempts and achieving a 5kg personal best at 100kg, which places her at 8th in the Paris rankings.

Olivia Broome, also in the Women’s 55kg category, achieved 4th place with a flawless performance and a personal best of 119kg, boosting her to 6th in the Paris rankings and setting the stage for future successes.

Tom Whittaker, Paralympic Performance Director, shared his enthusiasm: “We are currently in an exciting position with more athletes than ever in top 8 slots at this stage of the cycle ahead of a final defence at the last qualifier in Tbilisi, Georgia this June. Huge congratulations to the athletes and those around them supporting and guiding their progress. More hard work ahead over the next 14 weeks of prep to ensure these positions are held and history made!”

The Dubai World Cup was a significant milestone for British para-powerlifters, as they displayed exceptional skill and determination. The team, accompanied by Tom Whittaker, Ben Richens, Connor MacDonald and Nicole Walker has not only made remarkable progress but also set an inspiring course towards the Paris Games. We extend our heartfelt thanks to UK Sport for their unwavering support, underlining the collective effort behind our athletes' success.


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