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Record Breaking Performances at the 2023 England Championships in Birmingham

Held from 08 – 10 December 2023 this year’s England Championships marked a momentous return to the NEC in Birmingham and the home of last year’s Commonwealth Games.

Record Breaking Performances at the 2023 England Championships in Birmingham

Delivered as part of FitFest 2023 for the first time, this year’s Championships celebrated 32 new British weightlifting records and 3 new para powerlifting records.


Josh Hutton - U20/102kg category: Snatch of 140kg, Clean & Jerk of 161kg, Total of 301kg.

Ramiro Mora Remero - Sen/96kg category: Clean & Jerk of 201kg.

Myren Madden - U23/96kg category: Clean & Jerk of 181kg.

Isabella Brown - U20/76kg category: Snatch of 92kg.

Madison Farley - U23/76kg category: Clean & Jerk of 116kg, Total of 205kg.

Andrew Griffiths - Sen/109kg category: Snatch of 162kg.

Lottie Absolom - U17/81+kg category: Snatch of 84kg.

Madias Dodo Ngono Ngake - Sen/87kg category: Snatch of 113kg, Clean & Jerk of 131kg, Total of 244kg.

Funmi Morgan - U23/81kg category: Snatch of 89kg, Clean & Jerk of 103kg, Total of 192kg.

Jonathan Chin - Sen/73kg category: Clean & Jerk of 170kg, Total of 300kg.

Amelie Pelta - U15/55kg category: Clean & Jerk of 78kg, Total of 141kg.

Eliza Pratt - U17/55kg category: Snatch of 63kg, Clean & Jerk of 83kg, Total of 146kg.

Annabelle Pettit - U15/64kg category: Clean & Jerk of 89kg.

Chris Murray - Sen/81kg category: Snatch of 148kg.

Erin Friel - U20/71kg and U23/71kg categories: Snatch of 85kg, Clean & Jerk of 107kg, Total of 192.

Emily Steel - U20/64kg category: Clean & Jerk of 99kg.

Tayla Hounsell - U17/61kg category: Total of 178kg.

Lucy McGonigle - U17/71kg category: Snatch of 85kg, Clean & Jerk of 108kg, Total of 193kg (NI Youth Champs).

The 2023 England Championships was a landmark event that not only displayed athletic prowess but also reinforced the sense of community and camaraderie within the sport. It stands as a proud reminder of the talent and spirit that defines British weightlifting.



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