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Update - 2024 British Age Group Championships

Update – 9 July 2024

Update - 2024 British Age Group Championships

The 2024 British Age Group Championships will be held in Leeds on 19 & 20 October 2024 and will remain unchanged in its competition format. However, regulations will be slightly adapted to ensure highly ranked athletes are invited in the first instance together with the unchanged ‘first come, first serve’ approach for other entries, similar to the British Championships.

Full competition regulations will be published shortly.

Further plans to introduce an enhanced Performance-led focus at the British Age Group Championships will continue to be explored as part of next year’s calendar, including the option to reintroduce regional competition opportunities via Talent Academies and other venues.

BWL has listened to feedback and recognises and values the ongoing input of our membership.  We also remain committed to enhancing the competitive landscape of our sport and providing ample opportunities for athletes at all levels.

Matthew Curtain



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