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The British Weight Lifting Annual Achievement Awards aim to recognise the outstanding contributions and efforts from the Olympic Weightlifting and Para Powerlifting community in the United Kingdom.

Sportscover Weightlifter of the Year

Year Male Winner Female Winner
2021 Emily Campbell
2020 Emily Campbell
2019 Emily Muskett
2018 Gareth Evans
2017 Sarah Davies
2016 Rebekah Tiler
2015 Zoe Smith
2014 Ben Watson Zoe Smith
2013 Jack Oliver


Sportscover Para Powerlifter of the Year

Year Male Winner Female Winner
2021 Olivia Broome
2020 Louise Sugden
2019 Louise Sugden
2018 Ali Jawad
2017 Olivia Broome
2016 Ali Jawad
2015 Ali Jawad
2014 Ali Jawad Natalie Blake
2013 Ali Jawad


SBD Young Lifter of the Year

Year Weightlifter Para Powerlifter
2021 Erin Friel Mark Swan
2020 Emily Sweeney Mark Swan
2019 Michael Farmer Olivia Broome
2018 Chris Murray
2017 Olivia Broome
2016 Catrin Jones
2015 Rebekah Tiler
2014 Rebekah Tiler
2013 Rebekah Tiler Panagotis Mamuneas


Pulseroll Masters Weightlifter of the Year

Year Winner
2021 Diane (Suzy) Trebillcock
2020 Bryn Jones
2019 Andy Seaber
2018 Emma Suckling


BWL Coaches of the Year

Year Performance Community
2021 Ben Richens Not Awarded
2020 Not Awarded Dave Hembrough 
2019 Dave Sawyer Simon Roach
2018 Andrew Callard   Emma Pendle 
Previous Editions Male Winner Female Winner
2017 Jack Oliver Sarah Davies
2016 Andrew Callard
2015 Phillip Karlson
2014 Andrew Callard Michaela Breeze
2013 Eddie Halstead Michaela Breeze


Eleiko Club of the Year

Year Winner
2021 Pride Performance
2020 Jersey
2019 Atlas
2018 Europa WLC
2017 Loughborough University
2016 Europa WLC
2015 Europa WLC
2014 Stars for the Future
2013 Team Manchester

BWL Technical Official of the Year

Year Winner
2021 Dyana Altenor & Jennifer Maysmor-Gee
2020 Richard Tawse
2019 Stephen Donovan
2018 Caroline Charles
2017 Heather Allisson
2016 Caroline Charles
2015 Mary Hancock
2014 Chris Baker
2013 Chris Baker


John Lear Outstanding Contribution Award

Year Winner
2021 Ali Jawad
2020 Mike Pearman
2019 Kristian McPhee
2018 Keith Morgan
2017 Peter Stewart
2016 George Manners
2015 Keith Morgan
2014 Louis Martin
2013 Mike Irani


Brian Hamill Unsung Hero Award

Year Winner
2021 Darren Rogers
2020 Daniel Collins
2019 John Lightfoot
2018 Sarah Hilton & Richard Munro
2017 Martyn Riley
2016 Les Green
2015 Martin Marshall


Louis Martin Lifetime Achievement Award

Year Winner
2021 Cyril Martin
2020 John & Joyce Sheard
2019 Alex Phillips
2017 Mary Hancock


BWL Young Leader of the Year

Year Winner
2021 Emily Sweeney


BWL Inspiring Others Award

Year Winner
2021 Emily Muskett


BWL Volunteers of the Year

Year Volunteer Young Volunteer
2021 UK Armed Forces Not Awarded
2014 Mary Hancock Nam Ahmadi
2013 Peter Larsen Luke Jones


BWL Team Award

Year Winner
2014 Crystal Palace
2013 Stars for the Future



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