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British Weight Lifting Statement Regarding the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Coverage

It is disappointing for us to inform friends, family members, and supporters of recent news that the Para Powerlifting competitions taking place in Tokyo at this summer's Paralympic Games will not be broadcast live on television or online.

British Weight Lifting Statement Regarding the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Coverage

Despite a general increase in overall global coverage for this summer's games, unfortunately it was announced that three sports will only receive highlights coverage. These are Para Powerlifting, Taekwondo and Wheelchair Fencing.

At this time, our understanding is that there will be no live broadcasts of these three sports as a result of decisions made outside of our control. An expanded list of sports to be broadcast was confirmed in July.

It is disappointing for our athletes not to get an opportunity to showcase their sport and capabilities live to the world, nor share that live experience with their friends and families who cannot travel to Tokyo this year. 

British Weight Lifting has been asked by our team in Tokyo to communicate this information in order to best support them and we understand that this message will no doubt disappoint many. 

However, British Weight Lifting is committed to communicating results as fast as possible in order to keep people in the UK and around the world informed and updated of how our athletes perform in Tokyo.

If an alternative way for people to follow the live progress of Para Powerlifting can be discovered, we will communicate this across our channels immediately. 

The team continue to train hard and prepare well in Tokyo and are supported with positivity and optimism despite these developments.

Regardless of the coverage, we will celebrate their results at this Paralympics which has been so eagerly awaited, yet so uncertain for so long, and therefore we would like to invite everyone to join us in getting behind our team!

Update: A live scoreboard and results available to view here 


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