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British International Open 2019 Results

The British International Open took place alongside the Birds Eye British Championships this weekend and saw personal bests achieved and records broken.

British International Open 2019 Results

China topped the medal table by securing three gold medals and 2 silver medals and Great Britain finished 5th with 1 Gold, 5 Silver and 7 Bronze.

Stand out performances included Chinese lifter Xiaoman Zhou who recorded a final total of 300kg in the women’s 87+ category to secure Gold. Great Britain’s Owen Boxall took home Bronze in the men’s 109kg category with a total of 350kg and set a new British record with a 200kg Clean and Jerk. Zoe Smith secured Gold in the women’s 64kg category after a close contest with fellow British lifter Sarah Davies with only 1kg separating them.


Women’s 49kg

Gold-  Rong Zhang 195kg 

Silver- Kelly Jo Robson 195kg

Bronze- Hannah Powell 151kg

Women’s 55kg

Gold -Sarah O H Ovsthus 185kg

Silver-  Fraer Morrow 180kg

Bronze- Elena Romana Andries 179kg

Women’s 59kg

Gold-  Sol Annette Waaler 187kg

Silver-  Olivia Blatch 183kg

Bronze - Jenny Tong 170kg

Women’s 64kg

Gold- Zoe Smith 225kg

Silver- Sarah Davies 224kg

Bronze- Marianne Saarhelo 193kg

Women’s 71kg

Gold- Loredana Elena Toma 244kg

Silver- Huang Ting 221kg

Bronze- Sally Bennett 196kg

Women’s 76kg

Gold-Nora Jaggi 207kg

Silver-Taylor Jordan-Harris 201kg

Bronze-Simona Hertlova 197kg

Women’s 81kg

Gold- Briana Sfamurri 214kg

Silver – Phoebe Hoi-Kay N’Golo 202kg

Bronze- Rayen Cupid 196kg

Women’s 87kg

Gold- Yue Kang 268kg

Silver- Juliana Riotto 226kg

Bronze- Anna Van Bellinham 215kg

Women’s 87+kg

Gold-Xiaoman Zhou 300kg

Silver-Weipeng Jia 256kg

Bronze-Emily Campbell 255kg

Men’s 73kg

Gold-Petr Petrov 295kg

Silver-Gareth Evans 286kg

Bronze-Rick Confiance 253kg

Men’s 81kg

Gold-  Denis Ulanov 325kg

Silver- Sean Brown 304kg

Bronze – Chris Murray 265kg 

Men’s 96kg

Gold-Kyryl Pyrochov 351kg

Silver-llya llyin 350kg

Bronze-Edmon Avetisayan 329kg

Men’s 109kg

Gold-Dmytro Chumak 380kg

Silver-Arenas Sidiskis 350kg

Bronze- Owen Boxall 350kg

Men’s 109kg+

Gold-Jiri Orsag 396kg

Silver- Kamil Kucera 395kg

Bronze- Enzo Kofi Kuworge 370kg

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