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Athlete Profile: Micky Yule

In the countdown to the Para Powerlifting European Open Championships we caught up with Micky Yule who will be competing in Berck -sur-Mer.

Athlete Profile: Micky Yule

Name: Micky Yule

DOB: 24/12/78

Coach: Neil Crosby

What has been your personal highlight in the sport over the past 12 months?

Winning the British Championships with a PB of 195KG

 Why are the European Championships important to you?

After 9 months of major surgeries and intensive rehab it’s a chance to start competing again.

 What are you looking to achieve at The Euros?

I go to every competition planning to win a medal, I’m the current European Champion and I want to win Gold again.

Having attended previous international competitions what lessons have you learnt?

It’s important to stick to the plan, you have an idea where your lifts will be from training and don’t get caught up with other lifters tactics.

 What is your long term ambition in the sport?

To keep medalling and lift 200kg

Do you have any advice/tips for individuals wanting to get into Para-Powerlifting?

Contact British Weight Lifting, find some adaptive equipment and give it a go, sport can really change lives.


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