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2023 World Master Weightlifting Championships in Poland: The British Brigade in Action

The historic town of Wieliczka, Poland, will soon be resonating with the clinks and clatters of weightlifting bars and discs. The 2023 World Master Weightlifting Championships are right around the corner, from the 18th to the 26th of August. Great Britain proudly parades a seasoned line-up of weightlifters.

2023 World Master Weightlifting Championships in Poland: The British Brigade in Action

Here's the schedule for Team GB:

Friday 18 August 2023:

  • M70 67kg: Patrick Atteridge
  • M70 89kg: Nigel Beresford
  • M75 61kg: George Travis
  • M80 73kg: Eric Dolman
  • M80 81kg: William Despard
  • W70 64kg: Susan Farrell
  • W75 71kg: Lynn Dolman

Saturday 19 August 2023:

  • W60 55kg: Beverley Pattison
  • W60 55kg: Patricia Tenn
  • W60 71kg: Allison Crompton
  • W60 87kg: Victoria Man
  • W65 64kg: Clio Bellenis
  • W65 71kg: Suzanne Woodason
  • W65 76kg: Claire Cameron
  • M65 67kg: Andy Seaber
  • M65 89kg: Michael Mannion
  • M65 96kg: Gurdawar Dhesi
  • M60 89kg: Brynley Jones

Sunday 20 August 2023:

  • M55 89kg: Steve Walsh
  • M55 96kg: Antonino Piccirillo
  • M55 109kg: Kamran Majid
  • M60 102kg: James Flynn
  • W55 49kg: Jane Fox
  • W55 76kg: Trish Tippett

Monday 21 August 2023:

  • W50 45kg: Amanda Craig
  • W50 59kg: Yvonne Spence
  • M50 67kg: Stewart Cruikshank
  • M50 73kg: Barry Hughes
  • M50 96kg: Colin Campbell
  • M50 109kg: Lee Page
  • M50 109+: David English

Tuesday 22 August 2023:

  • M45 89kg: Andy Goswell
  • M45 89kg: Muhammad Sohail Khan
  • W50 81kg: Jill Muirden
  • W50 87kg+: Zoe Chandler

Wednesday 23 August 2023:

  • W45 64kg: Carol Marshall
  • W45 87kg+: Victoria De Val
  • M40 67kg: Khoa Vo
  • M40 73kg: Aaron Simkin
  • M40 89kg: Roly Brading
  • W40 49kg: Lisa Tobias
  • W40 49kg: Emma Suckling
  • W40 55kg: Gemma Peregrine
  • W40 55kg: Georgina Williams
  • W40 55kg: Rebecca Hayhurst

Thursday 24 August 2023:

  • M40 109kg+: Mihai Bagutiu
  • W40 59kg: Kelly Vaughan
  • W40 64kg: Kate Hodge
  • W40 64kg: Beverley Rothwell
  • W40 64kg: Jeanette Badham
  • W40 71kg: Lou Herron
  • W40 71kg: Emilia Budahazy
  • W40 71kg: Vicki Marsh
  • W40 76kg: Abiodun Ajisafe
  • W40 81kg: Rachel Ellison

Friday 25 August 2023:

  • W35 49kg: Clare Dane
  • W35 55kg: Shona Oldham
  • W35 55kg: Lucy Barrett
  • W35 59kg: Sian Peters
  • M35 81kg: Liam Jones
  • M35 81kg: John Keenan

Saturday 26 August 2023:

  • M35 102kg: David Steel
  • M35 102kg: Charlie Stone
  • M35 109kg: Henry Woodason
  • W35 81kg: Hannah Lewis
  • W35 81kg: Charlotte Miles
  • W35 81kg: Charlotte Teale
  • W35 87kg: Holly Baker
  • W35 87kg+: Samantha Williams

There is a Live Stream available for global audiences to tune in, ensuring you don't miss a moment of the weightlifting spectacle.

Beyond the competition, it's an opportunity to celebrate the dedication, hard work, and sportsmanship of these athletes, some of whom have dedicated decades to the sport. It promises to be a compelling week of athleticism, strength, and national pride.

We extend our warm wishes to all the participants, especially our British athletes. Here's to a week of record-breaking lifts, personal bests, and memories to last a lifetime! 


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