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Technical Officials are invaluable to our sport and our competitions. They are the Referees that adjudicate lifts; the Speakers who drive competitions along and the Marshals who manage the teams and lifters.

We recognise the incredible contribution Technical Officials make and we are committed to training and rewarding those of you, who have the drive and desire to become a part of this very important team.

Opening the door to a variety of opportunities

Technical Officials are defined as “any person who controls the play of a competition by applying the rules and regulations of the sport”. This title covers a variety of roles that are incredibly important to the running of our competitions including:

  • Jury
  • Referees
  • Technical Controller(s)
  • Chief Marshall(s)
  • Timekeeper(s)
  • Competition Secretary
  • Speaker(s)
  • Competition Doctor 

As a qualified Technical Official you will become part of a national team that have the opportunity to work throughout the country, officiating at national and regional competitions.

You will be given daily expenses of £25 for any National (Tier 1 & 2) event that you officiate at. 

You can also graduate through the Technical Official’s pathway to become an International Qualified Referee. This will lead to possible opportunities to officiate at international competitions such as the Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games.

More information about the Technical Official pathway can be found in our Resource Centre.

The three steps to becoming a Level 2 Technical Official (Olympic Weightlifting)

Given the responsibility of Technical Officials it is incredibly important that they maintain the appropriate qualifications, checks and training in order to comply with our regulations.

Below we have outlined the three steps you will need to take to become a Technical Official.

Step 1 – ‘Find a course’

You will need to complete and pass our online British Weight Lifting Technical Officials course. Prices start at just £60 with discounts available for BWL members. Our course can be purchased through our online shop, which can be found here.

Step 2 – ‘Purchase your Licence’

Once you are a qualified Technical Official, you will need to apply for a British Weight Lifting Technical Official Licence. You can do this through the BARS system in just a few minutes. Simply follow the instructions on the Technical Official Licence page

Step 3 – ‘Find a competition’

As a qualified and licensed Technical Official you can now assume a role at BWL competitions. To find a competition to officiate at use our competition calendar.

If you are ready to progress to the next level (Level 3 or above), please contact and we can arrange this with you. 

You can also contact to talk to one of our team about opportunities at British Weight Lifting competitions.



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