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Volunteers Week: Q&A with Former Commonwealth Competitor Dyana Altenor

We spoke with Technical Official & Former GB International Athlete Dyana Altenor as part of our Volunteers Week series to explore the fantastic work going on in the weightlifting community as well as the benefits of volunteering.

Volunteers Week:  Q&A with Former Commonwealth Competitor Dyana Altenor

How did you initially get involved in the sport?   

“I initially was invited to try the sport by Sandra Smith and by George Manners where, at the time I was working in Sports Development where I had to attend a weightlifting session run by George for lifters preparing for the London Youth Games, which I was involved in. I was asked to try out and was the start of my lifting, after I had stopped lifting, I was then asked by several ex-lifters to get involved as a TO.”

What do you enjoy most about weightlifting?  

“The training, learning the technical skill of the sport, and meeting some amazing and wonderful people both in the UK and aboard.”

What do you think are the main benefits of volunteering?   

“Developing new skills and meeting people, developing new friendships with people from all parts of the UK.”

How have you found the virtual competitions and webinars?  

“The virtual competitions were fun to do and allowed me to keep onto date with my refereeing skills. The webinars were good keeping us all up to date, and the having the guest speakers, listening to where and how they started their involvement into the sport of weightlifting.”

What are you most looking forward to weightlifting-wise after lockdown restrictions ease?    

“Being back at the live competitions and meeting all the other TO’s again.”

In terms of BWL events what would you like to see more of in the future?  

“Quarterly TO meetings, especially in the run up to major competitions, English and British Championships. It might be useful to explore virtual competitions further, especially for the Open Series.”

What advice would you give to someone who was new to the sport, but wanted to get more involved?   

“Learn how to lift, learn about the rules of the sport, help at local competitions, talk to coaches and lifters/ex-lifters who will be there to support your journey and most of all have fun.”

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