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Virtual British Open Series round 2 results

The second quarter of the 2022 Virtual British Open Series has concluded and we are excited to announce the results.

Virtual British Open Series round 2 results

Men’s senior

In the men’s senior competition, Craig Richey took first place with 350.618 Sinclair points. Craig lifted in the 89kg category and snatched 141kg and clean and jerked 160kg for a huge 301kg total.

Josh Summergill came in second place, competing in the 81kg category, totalling 250kg to give him 310.318 Sinclair points.

Ben Slater took third place with a 256kg total in the 89kg category, giving him 295.108 Sinclair points.

Women’s senior

In the women’s senior competition, Natalie Mottram took first place with 216.174 Sinclair points. Natalie competed in the 71kg category, snatching 81kg and clean and jerking 90kg for an impressive 171kg total.

Colette Will placed second, competing in the 55kg category. Colette totalled 142kg, which gave her 209.656 Sinclair points.

Hilary Galvin came in third, totalling 115kg in the 76kg category, giving her 151.819 Sinclair points.

Men’s masters

Ramadan Rebah took first place in the men’s master’s competition with 312.669 SMF points. Ramadan lifted in the M35 81kg category, snatching 108kg and clean and jerking 128kg for a huge 236kg total.

Marcus Haswell took second place with 297.180 SMF points. Marcus competed in the M50 89kg category and totalled 197kg.

Eric O’Donnell came in third place with 256.092 SMF points. Eric competed in the M60 96kg category, totalling 146kg.

Women’s masters

Elaine Sims took first place in the women’s masters after accruing 240.689 SMF points. Elaine competed in the W45 71kg category. Elaine snatched 70kg and clean and jerked 82kg for a huge 152kg total.

Helen Robertson took second place with 177.103 SMF points. Helen competed in the W40 87kg+ category and totalled 140kg.

Lisa Barry came in third place with 171.921 SMF points. Lisa lifted in the W35 55kg category, totalling 105kg.

Female youth

Freya Pallant took first place in the female youth competition after gaining 135.879 Sinclair points. Freya lifted in the 59kg category, snatching 42kg and clean and jerking 53kg for a 95kg total.

Congratulations to all of the lifters who competed in this second quarter virtual competition.

See the full results here

See the results table here

The third quarter of the Virtual British Open series is now open for entries until 30 September. Gain valuable competition experience from the comfort of your own gym, get yourself on the UK rankings and qualify for future competitions.

More information on how to enter please click here.



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