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The new British Open Series competition is a virtual weightlifting competition, which is run every calendar month throughout 2021. The British Open Series is a new event for 2021, building on the Regional Open Series from 2019 and 2020.

British Open Series

The British Open Series will run on a monthly basis until 31 December 2021, with each round lasting one calendar month.  

The Series will begin as a virtual event, using the same system as Lockdown Lift Off, the Regional Open Series and the BWL Winter Open.  The competition will be open to all BWL members across the UK and will be classed as a Tier 3 event.  This means results from the competition can be used for rankings and qualification to future national events.


There are no qualification requirements for the British Open Series, you simply need to be a current member of British Weight Lifting.

Entries will be processed through the virtual competition hub:

Entries will cost £15.00

To enter you will need to film yourself making up to three attempts at the snatch and clean & jerk and upload them to the competition webpage. See videos below on how to ensure your uploads meet the requirements. 

BWL ask that lifters refrain from recording their entry with background music which features explicit or abusive language. Please be aware that this could result in a no-lift.

The British Open Series webpage has a full guide to your video submission including weigh in, camera position and equipment.


Overview of the British Open Series

Key dates

  • Entries for Round 6 will open at 12:00 midday Tuesday 1 June
  • Entries for Round 6 will close at 12:00 midday Wednesday 30 June
  • Entries for Round 7 will open at 12:00 midday Thursday 1 July

Age Groups

There is no minimum age to compete. The British Open Series will recognise four age groups:

Development                      Aged 12 or below

Youth                                     Aged 13 – 17

Senior                                    Aged 18 – 34

Masters                                 Aged 35+

All age groups are calculated based on the lifters age on 31 December 2021.


Although all results from the British Open Series are eligible for ranking and qualification, the Series itself is not scored on Total.  It is scored on points; the Series winner is the male and female lifter in each age group with the highest combined points score after the Series final event. 


The winner from each age group will be awarded with a Pulse-ball from BWL Partner Pulseroll and the title of BWL Open Series Winner. The winner will be the one who has accumulated the most points across the series. 

The type of points used for scoring each age group are:

Development                      Technique Points

Youth                                     Sinclair Points

Senior                                    Sinclair Points

Masters                                 SMF Points

Technical Rules and Exceptions

Find all details in the TCRRs and Virtual TCRRs. Contact British Weight Lifting by emailing or call 01132 249 402 if you have any questions.

How-to videos

BWL Open Series Results

To view the results from Round 1  & 2 of the British Open Series please click on the buttons below.

BWL Open Series 1 Results

BWL Open Series 2 Results

BWL Open Series 3 Results

BWL Open Series 4 Results


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