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Virtual British Open Series: Round 10 Results

The 2021 British Open Series has now reached round ten which concluded at the end of October. The event was run online via Launchpad with lifters submitting their pre-recorded videos, which were then adjudicated and certified by three random licensed BWL Technical Officials.

Virtual British Open Series: Round 10 Results

After a few months of slightly reduced numbers, it was great to see the high number of entries in this series. Congratulations must be given to all of the entrants who have once again put in some outstanding performances.

Allen Brindley led the way in the senior male competition with an impressive 291kg total scoring 334.088 points in the 96kg category.  There were also strong performances from Andrian Zbirnea scoring 304.458 points with a 270kg total in the 96kg category and Ryan Lucas with a 211kg total in the 67kg category scoring 289.634 points.

Ramadan Rabeh was the standout performer in the male masters competition scoring 247.632 points with an impressive 281kg total in the M35 81kg category.

Agata Herbert lead the way in the senior female competition scoring 244.294 points with an excellent 205kg total in the 76kg category, she was closely followed by Caroline Doyle from the 3 White Lights Club with 242.050 points and a 190kg total in the 71kg category.

Catherine Martin was the star of the female masters competition with a 145kg total, scoring 174.785 points in the W40 64kg category.

A huge well done to Asylum Weightlifting Club who provided 10 lifters in the youth and development competitions with some outstanding performances, with Joshau Allsop, Ryan Reid and Lily Pedlow all coming top of their respective  groups.

James Richardson continues to lead the way in the senior male competition with an impressive total of 1407 points. The male master’s competition continues to be led by James Abraham with 1740 points.

Caroline Doyle has taken the lead in the senior female competition with 720 points and Maureen McCan has now taken the lead at the  top of the female master’s event with 519 points.

Emily Sweeney has jumped to the top of the leader board in the female youth competition, leading the way with 434 points and Joshua Farrant remains top of the male youth with 380 points.

Jacob Foskett remains well out in front with 725 points in the male development competition and Isabell Foskett leading the female development competition with an impressive 927 points.

Round 11 of the Virtual British Open Series is now open and all the details can be found here.


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