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The conclusion of the 2021 Virtual British Open Series

The 2021 British Open Series has now reached the final round, with round twelve concluding at the end of December. The event was run online via Launchpad with lifters submitting their pre-recorded lifting videos, which were then adjudicated and certified by three randomly selected licensed BWL Technical Officials.

The conclusion of the 2021 Virtual British Open Series


The 2021 British Open Series saw some outstanding performances from experienced athletes who used this opportunity to qualify for forthcoming events along with people who were newer to the sport who wanted to experience an Olympic weightlifting competition for the first time.

Congratulations must be given to all entrants who submitted videos, we saw some amazing lifting over the course of the year.

British Open Series 12 December results:


Cameron Sinclair was the lead senior male with a 180kg total scoring 214.432 points in the 89kg category.

Laura Wheatcroft led the way in the senior female competition scoring 258.501  points with an excellent 179kg total in the 55kg category, Chloe Mays also impressed with a 160kg total scoring 222.276 points.


Vicki Cherry led the way in the female masters competition with a 156kg total, scoring 180.035 points in the W35 81kg category. Ramadan Rabeh was the leading male masters competitor with an impressive 233kg total and 283.771 points in the M35 89kg category.


Isabelle and Jacob Foskett were once again the outstanding lifters in the development competitions, with Isabelle having a 156kg total and Jacob with a 154kg total.

BWL Open Series 12 Points Tables

BWL Open Series 12 Results Sheet


British Open Series 2021 overall results:

The virtual British Open Series was run every calendar month throughout 2021. Open to all British Weight Lifting members across the UK and classed as a tier 3 event, it was the perfect competition for anyone wanting to start competing but was not able to get to a club competition or anyone who wanted to practise their competitive lifts in the run up to an event. 

BWL Partner Pulseroll has provided the prizes for the overall first place winners from each group who has accumulated the most points across the series. Each winner will receive a Pulse-ball. 


James Richardson finished on top of the senior male competition with an impressive total of 1407 points. Mark Tallett took second place with 749.855 points, followed by Allen Brindley in third place with 656.626 points.

Caroline Doyle was the winner of the senior female competition with 720 points. Nicola Stiddard took second place with 689.125 points, and Sarah Wiltshire took third place with 685.076 points.


The male master’s competition was won by Jason Abraham with an outstanding  1950.102 points. Ramadan Rabeh took second place with 1703.384 points, and Mihai Bagutiu took third place with 1166.041 points.

Rosemary McCan won the female master’s event with 519 points. Maureen McLarnon took second place with 451.781 points, and Rebekah Thompson took third place with 408.141 points.


Emily Sweeney was the top lifter in the female youth competition, leading the way with 434 points. Jasmine Kinsman took second place with 413.854 points, and Gabrielle Proper took third place with 270.378 points.

Joshua Farrant was the top of the male youth lifters with 380 points. Richard Doherty took second place with 321.702 points, and Frankie Williams took third place with 261.158 points.


Jacob and Isabelle Foskett were the clear winners in the development competitions with Jacob scoring 935 points in the male development competition and Isabelle Foskett leading the female development competition with an impressive 1151 points.

Ryan Reid took second place in male development with 328 points, and Axl Travis took third place with 145 points.

Ivey Miller took second place in the female development with 723 points and Lily Pedlow took third place with 322 points.

BWL Open Series Results Sheet

2022 Virtual British Open Series

The 2022 Virtual British Open series will now change to a quarterly competition, with round one already open. For more information please visit our British Open Webpage.


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