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Reflecting on Team GB's Journey at the European Weightlifting Championships

The European Weightlifting Championships this year showcased a range of performances from Team GB's athletes, each with their own story of resilience and effort.

Reflecting on Team GB's Journey at the European Weightlifting Championships

The competition was stiff, and while not every attempt was a win, the determination was clear.

We are also proud to acknowledge the presence of two esteemed Technical Officials from GBR who played pivotal roles in Sofia at the championships. A hearty congratulations to Dyana Altenor for her role as a Technical Official and Caroline Charles, who served on the Jury.

Athlete Highlights

Jess's effort in the B group stood out with a total of 200kg from an 87kg and 90kg snatch and a 107kg and 110kg clean & jerk, securing a 7th place overall. A solid showing that speaks to her hard work and potential for growth.

Video of Jess' lifts.

Jonathan Chin in the Men’s 73kg category lifted a commendable 125kg snatch and 163kg clean & jerk. Meanwhile, Chris Murray, also in the 73kg, broke a British record with his snatch attempts but faced challenges in the clean & jerk, a reminder of the sport's unpredictability.

Video of Jon's lifts.

Video of Chris' lifts.

Erin Barton lifted a 94kg snatch and 123kg clean & jerk, showcasing her competitive spirit. Sarah Davies fought hard in the 71kg category, managing a 98kg snatch and earning a bronze in the clean & jerk with 128kg, demonstrating her persistence under pressure.

Video of Erin's lifts.

Video of Sarah's lifts.

Cyrille Tchatchet II delivered a powerful 151kg snatch followed by an impressive 188kg clean & jerk in the Men’s 96kg category. Andrew Griffiths tackled the Men’s 102kg category with determination, achieving a snatch of 151kg & 157kg and a clean & jerk of 182kg. 

Video of Cyrille's lifts.

Video of Andrew's lifts.

Emily Campbell: A Source of National Pride

Emily Campbell, however, deserves a special mention. Her performance was not just about lifting weights; it was a demonstration of sheer dominance and skill. Clinching her 4th European Championship title, Emily secured a silver in the snatch with a 112kg lift. In the clean & jerk, she was unparalleled, lifting 146kg and 151kg to win gold. Her total of 263kg not only won her the gold but also reinforced her status as one of the world's top lifters in the +87kg category. Emily’s achievements are a source of immense pride and inspiration, showcasing the pinnacle of British weightlifting on the European stage.

Video of Emily's lifts. 

Honourable Mentions

The path to the podium isn't always lined with medals, but every athlete's journey is replete with courage and determination. Zoe Smith and Katrina Feklistova showed exceptional bravery, and we extend our best wishes for their quick recovery.

Team Support

The success of our athletes was bolstered by an expert team, including Stuart Martin, Dave Sawyer, Andrew Callard, and physio Liam Rodgers. Their guidance and support have been invaluable.

Dave Sawyer stated: "With the competition being an Olympic qualifying event and with only one more to come, expectations are high from all Nations, with all athletes chasing the Olympic dream. This however contributes to many failed lifts across all Nations, including ourselves, unfortunately. We achieved some good individual performances and came away with 4 medals and a 4 times European champion. As a performance team we set our standards high and so do the athletes, it’s then disappointing when we don’t achieve the best results. Athletes don’t need reminding of a bad day at the office. The only thing one can do is take a positive away from the negative and move on to the next competition. Everyone will want to put this right on their next campaign. The championships were a major success for the Bulgarian Federation. Organisation and facilities were first class. Congratulations to all involved."

Gratitude and Looking Forward

Our heartfelt thanks extend to UK Sport for their continuous backing, the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation, the organising committee, and the European Weightlifting Federation for their roles in staging such a pivotal event. These platforms are crucial for our athletes to test their mettle and showcase their hard-earned skills.

Final Rankings Overview

Jessica Gordon Brown (Women 59kg): Achieved a total of 200kg, finishing 7th overall.

Zoe Smith (Women 59kg): Withdrew after the first snatch attempt, resulting in no final ranking.

Jonathan Chin (Men 73kg): Totalled 288kg, finishing in 12th place.

Chris Murray (Men 73kg): Due to no total in the clean & jerk, Chris did not secure a final ranking.

Erin Barton (Women 71kg): Achieved a total of 217kg, finishing 9th overall.

Sarah Davies (Women 71kg): With a total of 226kg, finished 6th overall and secured a bronze medal in the clean & jerk.

Cyrille Tchatchet II (Men 96kg): Totalled 339kg, finishing in 12th place.

Andrew Griffiths (Men 102kg): Also totalled 339kg, finishing in 13th place.

Katrina Feklistova (Women 81kg): Withdrew from the competition, resulting in no final ranking.

Emily Campbell (Women 87+kg): Dominated her category with a total of 263kg, finishing 1st overall.

As Team GB’s lifters look to the future, it's clear: in weightlifting, every lift tells a story, and every athlete carries more than just weight—they carry a narrative of challenge, triumph, and the indomitable human spirit.



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