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European Senior Championships team announcement

The 100th European Senior Weightlifting Championships will be held from 28 May to 5 June 2022 in Tirana, Albania.

British Weight Lifting are delighted to announce a team of 16 athletes that will be heading out to Albania to represent Great Britain.

European Senior Championships team announcement


55kg - Noorin Gulam

59kg - Fraer Morrow

59kg - Jessica Gordon-Brown

64kg - Jennifer Tong

71kg - Erin Barton

76kg - Katrina Feklistova

81kg - Deborah Alawode

87+kg - Emily Campbell



73kg - Jonathan Chin

73kg - Michael Farmer

81kg - Christopher Murray

102kg - Cyrille Tchatchet II

109kg - Jordan Sakkas

109kg - Andrew Griffiths

109+kg - Mackenzie Middleton

109+kg - Gordon Shaw


Dave Sawyer, National Coach has said about the team selection:

“I speak on behalf of myself and the other support staff when I sincerely congratulate all the athletes that have been selected to represent Great Britain at the European Championships in Albania from 28 May to 5 June 2022.

Not only do we have debutants selected for their first European Senior Championships but also individuals who are making their international debuts for Great Britain, an equal split of 8 women and 8 men from across the country.

We have a strong team, and this goes to show the quality of the athletes that are coming through. This is down to the dedication of the athlete and the individual personal coaches working alongside who put endless hours in with their athletes.

Wishing everyone all the very best.”


British Weight Lifting would also like to wish all the athletes selected the best of luck in training and competition.


Please see the schedule below in the following format: UK start time - lifter - group 

Sunday 29 May

10:00 - Noorin Gulam - 55b group

Monday 30 May

16:00 - Fraer Morrow - 55a group 

16:00 - Jessica Gordon-Brown - 55a group

Tuesday 31 May

10:00 - Jennifer Tong - 64b group

13:00 - Jonathan Chin - 73b group

13:00 - Michael Farmer - 73b group 

Wednesday 1 June

16:00 - Erin Barton - 71a group

19:00 - Chris Murray - 81a group

Thursday 2 June

19:00 - Katrina Feklistova - 76a group

Friday 3 June

17:00 - Deborah Alawode - 81a group

19:00 - Cyrille Tchatchet II - 96a group

Saturday 4 June

10:00 - Jordan Sakkas - 109b group

16:00 - Andrew Griffiths - 109a group

Sunday 5 June

09:00 - Mackenzie Middleton - 109+b group

09:00 - Gordon Shaw - 109+b group

12:00 - Emily Campbell - 87+a group


Weightlifting House will be providing an official stream and commentary of the 100th European Weightlifting Championships 

Commentary duo Seb Ostrowicz and Max Aita will be bringing the A group action to life, taking viewers through the best Europe has to offer.

The pay-per-view covers 75 hours of elite weightlifting for just £10, and the footage can be accessed both live and in demand up to 2 weeks after the event.

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