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Commonwealth Rankings

The Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation have released their end of year rankings and records as of the 31st December 2019.

Commonwealth Rankings

The rankings include a number of high placings by British female and male lifters highlighting the strong development of weightlifting domestically.

They provide a benchmark for lifters to compare themselves against the rest of the Commonwealth ahead of the next Games in Birmingham 2022.  It also offers insight into what athletes need to do to consolidate or improve their ranking positions over the next two years.

Each category has two rankings lists. The first includes the absolute top lifters and then the second selects only the best representative from each country.

Below are some selected Home Nations highlights from the absolute top lifters list.


  • 1st Zoe Smith Woman’s 59kg & 2nd Women’s 64kg
  • 1st Emily Muskett Women’s 71kg & 5th Women’s 76kg
  • 3rd Owen Boxall Men’s 109kg
  • 3rd Sarah Davies Women’s 64kg
  • 3rd Emily Campbell Women's +87kg
  • 4th Jack Oliver Men’s 81kg



  • 4th Gareth Evans Men’s 67kg
  • 6th Hannah Powell Women’s 45kg
  • 10th Catrin Haf Jones Women’s 55kg


  • 23rd Lisa Tobias Women’s 49kg
  • 25th Zoe Horseman Women’s 71kg

Northern Ireland

  • 20th Dan O’Hare Men’s 109kg
  • 25th Claire McLamon Women’s 87kg+


Other UK Based Lifters

  • 1st Cyrille Tchatchet Men’s 102kg list and 6th Men’s 96kg
  • 9th Forrester Osei Men’s 89kg class
  • 15th Rayen Cupid Women’s 81kg & 19th Women’s 76kg

The updated Commonwealth records also include a number of new standards set by British lifters:

  • Women’s 59kg Zoe Smith Total 216kg (World Championships)
  • Women’s 64kg Zoe Smith C&J 128kg (European Championships)
  • Women’s 71kg Emily Muskett Snatch 101kg, C&J 130kg, & Total 231kg (Tianjin World Cup)


You can view the complete list of records and rankings below:

2019 End of Year Commonwealth Records

2019 End of Year Commonwealth Rankings 


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