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Strong Is Not A Size Case Study: Emma Cooke

Emma Cooke, is 31 years old and recently decided to re-train and qualify as a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

Strong Is Not A Size Case Study: Emma Cooke

Emma first got into lifting weights in her mid twenties and says she “didn't really understand what I was doing” at first, and played around with resistance machines and kettle bells in the gym.

Like many women, Emma had read a lot around the benefits of weight training for fitness but had struggled to apply the theory to the practical. She “avoided the free-weights area of the gym like the plague.

Now qualified, Emma is helping men and women enjoy those benefits she had previously studied.

“There are so many horror stories that I hear all the time from clients about the weights sections in gyms - firstly don't listen to those!” Emma says.  

“It may seem scary but in reality everybody started as a beginner. An important part of weight lifting is trial and error, pushing your body and understanding your limits. Emma, like many women across the UK said, she “still finds the weight lifting spaces in the gym intimidating.”

“I don't feel that gym inductions really include this area properly and if a proper induction was carried out for all new gym members to show everyone how to use and lift free weights, how to adjust the benches etc. properly it would definitely help reduce the fear factor.”

With the fear factor out of the way, Emma told us, “the thing I most enjoy about lifting weights is how strong it makes me feel.”

She added, “I get a real kick out of pushing myself to do more, lift heavier and see improvements. I really enjoy planning workouts for myself and mixing up my routines lifting weights both in the gym and at home.”

Emma completely agrees that ‘Strong Is Not A Size’ and actually it’s a state of mind.

"I have some petite clients who can comfortably lift more than I do. There is a real misconception out there that to be strong you must be massive. Don't confuse the aesthetics for ability.”

So what advice would Emma give to anyone yet to lift their fear and give weights a go?

“If you're a member of a gym, make use of your free Personal Training taster session and get someone to show you how to use the weights area properly. You can learn a lot online, just be mindful of the resources that you use.”

“Remember most people training in the weights area are focused on their workouts, are also worried they're doing something wrong and have probably dropped a weight on themselves in the past too. If you really can't bring yourself to go in there on your own, buddy up.”

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