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Additional Countries Confirmed For British International Open 2019

With just under one month to go until the British International Open we are pleased to announce a further 9 countries and athletes attending the competition.

Additional Countries Confirmed For  British International Open 2019


M67      Mahammad Mammadli 270kg

M73      Ibrahimli Pasha               280kg



W87      Anna Vanbellinghen       225kg



M102    Leho Pent                        320kg

M109+  Mart Seim                        400kg


Republic of Ireland

M81      Sean Brown                     310kg

M109    Seamus O’Conchubhair  305kg



W55      Elena Ramona Andries   200kg

W71      Loredana Elena Toma     240kg


Saint Vincent & Grenadines

W81      Rayen Cupid                    187kg


South Africa

W64      Mona Pretorius               175kg



W59      Scheila Meister               155kg

W76      Nora Jaggi                        205kg



M96      Kyryl Pyrohov                  350kg

M109    Dmytro Chumak              370kg


Tickets for this event can be purchased here with a number of ticketing options available.

Late entries for the British Development Open, BWL British Masters Championships and British Para Powerlifting Championships close on 10 May at 23:55. Enter here 


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