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World Para Powerlifting Championships, Dubai 2023: Team GB's Showcase of Skill, Strength, and Determination

From 22nd to 30th August, Dubai became the epicentre of the para powerlifting world, hosting the World Para Powerlifting Championships. Amidst fierce competition, the British Para Powerlifting team demonstrated a blend of skill, power, and poise, returning home with medals, impressive performances, and new personal bests.

World Para Powerlifting Championships, Dubai 2023: Team GB's Showcase of Skill, Strength, and Determination

Olivia Broome:

Captivating the audience in the 50kg category, Olivia secured the gold with lifts of 106kg, 111kg, and 112kg.This triumph adds another gleaming achievement to her already distinguished Paralympic, World Championships, and Commonwealth Games honours.

Tom Whittaker, Paralympic Performance Director, reflected on Olivia’s achievements:

“It’s a privilege to support any athlete striving to showcase their best self within this amazing sport but to see an athlete stand on top of the world, having delivered the flawless performance that Olivia delivered is special and will be cherished within this group as a product of hard work, exemplifying the endeavour Olivia and this team put in and the motivation it brings to all that were there and/or watched from home. Olivia continues to set standard for this group and this achievement will send positive ripples throughout the team ahead of Paris”.

Mattie Harding:

In the men's up to 72kg class, Mattie soared with successful lifts of 180kg, 184kg, and a personal best of 188kg. Securing 8th place, his stellar achievements also elevated him into the top 8 Paris rankings.

Zoe Newson:

Zoe, competing in the women's up to 45kg class, secured the bronze with lifts of 101kg, 104kg, while narrowly missing 106kg. This commendable performance added another medal to her already glowing repertoire.

Louise Sugden:

Despite recently undergoing shoulder surgery, Louise demonstrated her prowess in the women's up to 86kg category, delivering impressive lifts of 116kg, 121kg, and 127kg. Her notable 6th place finish not only secured her spot in the top 8 Paris Games rankings but also stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication and hard work.

Liam McGarry:

Liam's performance in the men's over 107kg category was breath-taking, lifting 223kg, 228kg, and 230kg, the latter being a 10kg personal best. Securing a 7th place finish in the best lift discipline, he's now standing strong in the Paris qualification rankings. On top of this, Liam clinched the gold in the total discipline, a testament to his consistency.

Rebecca Bedford:

Competing in the women's up to 61kg category, Rebecca displayed her mettle with lifts of 93kg, 97kg, and 98kg, rounding off with an 8th place finish.

Doaa Shayea:

For her first World Championships appearance, Doaa registered lifts of 76kg and narrowly missed her other attempts. She finished at a commendable 15th place.

Kim Dean:

In the women's up to 61kg category, Kim Dean demonstrated her tenacity, successfully lifting 92kg after an initial attempt and striving for 94kg. Her unwavering efforts led to a commendable 11th place finish at the World Championships.

Charlotte McGuinness:

In the Women's up to 55kg category at the Para Powerlifting World Championships in Dubai, Charlotte showcased her strength with successful lifts of 92kg and 95kg, clinching a commendable 9th position.

Tom Smith:

In the intense Men's 59kg class, Tom displayed determination and skill, achieving successful lifts of 135kg and 139kg and securing the 22nd spot.

Sean Clare:

At the World Championships, Sean Clare demonstrated immense strength and determination, successfully lifting 143kg and 148kg, securing an 18th place finish and adding yet another milestone to his illustrious career.

“This was the most successful world championships to date with multiple medals and many other personal bests and top 8 Paris ranking achievements. The team behind the team worked tirelessly under challenging circumstances to support the athletes ahead of departure. Their efforts should be recognised once again. The athletes did themselves, their families, sport and nation proud. The coaching team were tireless and a special thanks go out to Ben Richens, Connor Macdonald and Neil Crosbie for their expertise in the overseas environment. Moreover, none of these achievements would have been possible without the unwavering support and partnership from UK Sport. We deeply appreciate their continued commitment to our team and the broader sporting community.” – added by Tom Whittaker.

This extraordinary group of talented athletes, backed by a dedicated coaching staff, is a testament to GBR’s commitment to excellence. As we celebrate their achievements, we are reminded of the spirit of sport, the importance of perseverance, and the thrill of competition. The World Para Powerlifting Championships have drawn to a close, but for the British Para Powerlifting team, their legacy of greatness continues to flourish and inspire.



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