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World Mental Health Day: Strong Is Not A Size

We believe that #StrongIsNotASize, strength is personal, it can be physical or emotional and everyone finds it in their own way.

World Mental Health Day: Strong Is Not A Size

After an initial pilot launch in partnership with Women In Sport the campaign initially focussed on encouraging women to step into the weight areas in gyms across the country.

However the campaign became so much more than that, with women sharing their stories about how the gym had supported their mental health, indicating that being strong wasn’t necessarily just about physical strength.

The campaign also indicated that been strong is apparent in everyday life and is not just confined to the gym, it could be overcoming a fear or achieving a life goal.

British Weight Lifting are now looking to expand the campaign and open the conversation to both males and females and encouraging individuals to share their stories about how strong isn’t necessarily a size to them, and how been strong comes in many different forms. 

In support of World Mental Health Day we are looking for individuals to share their stories about what strong means to them and how it doesn’t necessarily look a certain way. 

To support this campaign share your stories and photos of what Strong means to you and use the hashtag #StrongIsNotASize

Instagram: britishwl

Twitter: @GBWeightlifting

For further details on how to get involved in the campaign please email 


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