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Women in Sport Time Together

Throughout October, the charity Women in Sport is encouraging mothers and their daughters to spend #TimeTogether trying out new activities to experience the joy that sport and exercise can bring.

Women in Sport Time Together

Women in Sport research found 1.3 million girls in the UK, who enjoyed sport in primary school, are dropping out of sport during their teenage years. Deep-rooted negative attitudes which include a fear of judgement, combined with the challenges of navigating puberty, are affecting their enjoyment of sport. Six out of 10 teenage girls are also not meeting physical activity guidelines of 60 minutes of activity per day. Women in Sport warned a generation is at risk of slipping into a lifetime of inactivity.

However, mothers and mother figures can be part of the solution, with 48% of teenage girls saying their mum, aunts and female role models encourage them to be active.

British Weight Lifting caught up with Mum and daughter Heather and Abigail Burt who are both weightlifters.

Heather, how did you get into weightlifting? 

“I started out in CrossFit, then Ramsey Kechacha, my coach, put on a weightlifting course there and the rest is history ?.”

Abigail – was your mum a role model to you getting into weightlifting? How did you start lifting?

“Yes, I wanted to do what she did. I started with a broomstick in the garage with mummy over lockdown and then when we got the garden gym, they bought me my own bar. After that I really started to get into it”.

Where do you train?

“Abigail trains at Colchester Weightlifting, 3 times a week with the other youths whilst I train both at the gym (Colchester weightlifting) and in our home gym in the garden”. 

Are there benefits of you both weightlifting?

“The main benefit is the shared interest and time spent together, but it does help that we can both cope with the more challenging day to day tasks that involve a bit of strength relatively easily”. 

Have you ever / do you train together? If so, does this help to keep you motivated?

“When Abigail first started, we trained together a lot, now that she is older and has joined the youth sessions at the gym (Colchester weightlifting) we don't so much. But I am always training at the same time and for me the fact that I know she is watching motivates me more than anything else, I just want to make my daughter proud. 

Abigail, has it helped that your mum has also been involved in weightlifting? Has it made you want to continue training?

“Yes, sometimes when I don't feel like going to the gym Mummy tells me to get in the car and I go and have fun with my friends”.

Abigail, what do you enjoy about weightlifting? 

“I love weightlifting and want to be an Olympic champion”.

Heather, what do you enjoy about weightlifting? 

“I enjoy the day to day grind and then the feeling when it all pays off, comp day normally. I also love the community, some of my best friends are in my life because of weightlifting and I will be forever grateful for that”. 

Women in Sport is encouraging mothers and their teenage daughters to spend #TimeTogether this October trying out new activities to experience the joy that sport and exercise can bring – why would you encourage people to try weightlifting?

Abigail – “Because when I go to train I feel happy and energetic ?”. 

Heather – “I would encourage people to try weightlifting because it's not just a sport, it's an amazing way to improve your fitness, strength and mobility for day to day life and it's a whole community of some the most supportive and caring people you will ever meet”.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us Heather and Abigail. We look forward to catching up with you at a competition soon!

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