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Wildboar Weightlifting Spotlight: British Weight Lifting Talent Academy

Wildboar Weightlifting is one of British Weight Lifting’s Talent Academies which are clubs actively engaged with British Weight Lifting to ensure that young athletes are provided with safe, supportive and inclusive training environments and that they can get access to high quality coaching, that aligns to British Weight Lifting’s long term athlete development (LTAD) strategy.

Wildboar Weightlifting Spotlight: British Weight Lifting Talent Academy


Based in Gloucestershire, Wildboar Weightlifting was set up in 2017 and their mission was to provide more opportunities for young people within their local community to become more active and reap all the mental and physical benefits that training brings.

They were fortunate to be selected as a potential talent academy and went through a process of accreditation that as a result has improved their practice in many ways.

“The British Weight Lifting talent academy status has allowed us to strengthen our position of expertise within our local community. It has opened up opportunities at local schools for us to be involved with PE and to work with more specific groups of young people in supporting their mental well-being by helping them become more active, running regular courses introducing them to training and weightlifting”-Josh Telling.

Wildboar Weightlifting are also about to start working alongside a local primary school PE provider as they look to use the Olympics as a springboard to raise awareness of weightlifting within their community and share the sport with more young people.

The club have opportunities to train after school every weekday from 3.30-5.30 currently and have some young lifters aspiring to become British Weight Lifting coaches in the near future.

Interested in finding out more? Why not visit their website for more information or visit their Facebook page @Wildboarweightlifting


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