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Who says? The new campaign calling time on negative perceptions

Who says it’s not a real sport if you have to adapt it? Who says disabled people aren’t competitive?

Who says? The new campaign calling time on negative perceptions

A brand-new online video campaign from Activity Alliance is calling time on negative perceptions about disability, inclusion and sport and asks – Who Says?

For far too long, disabled people have faced misconceptions and presumptions on what is and isn’t possible, including in sport.

Activity Alliance is a charity that wants to move the conversation on, open people’s minds and shift out-dated views on disability.

Launched on the 15th of July, Who Says? was created in response to the charity’s recent research, which explored non-disabled people’s attitudes on inclusive activity.

The findings from the study show a lack of understanding could be causing long-lasting barriers for disabled people, leading to inactivity.

The campaign aims to challenge six common misconceptions unearthed by the study via a series of short films.

Each video provides upbeat insight with a mixture of disabled and non-disabled people who share their own experiences and feelings on these six statements:

  1. It’s not a real sport if you have to adapt it
  2. Disabled people aren’t competitive
  3. Watch what you say around disabled people
  4. Disabled people don’t want to join in
  5. Disabled people might get hurt
  6. Everyone can’t take part together

You can watch the full series of videos here

Speaking about the campaign Barry Horne, Chief Executive for Activity Alliance said: “Negative experiences should not be allowed to continually shape disabled people’s lives.

“This campaign aims to replace misconceptions with reality. If we truly want everybody to benefit from being active, then we need to call time on negative perceptions.”

Activity Alliance are eagerly encouraging calling people to get involved in the campaign by posting their experiences using the hashtag #WhoSays. 

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