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Weightlifting and Para Powerlifting Have a Go activation at Birmingham 2022

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games have finally come to a close. What a week we had at the NEC.

Our ‘Have-A-Go’ activities achieved unprecedented visibility for weightlifting, engaged new audiences and inspired so many to get involved in lifting weights and becoming stronger.

Thousands of people, young and old, immersed themselves in our activations, as we educated them on the sport, busted myths and gave them knowledge on the benefits of being #StrongForLife.

Weightlifting and Para Powerlifting Have a Go activation at Birmingham 2022

Our legacy activities have only just begun too, as we roll out two exciting projects. 

Raise The Bar

The launch of our Legacy Academy clubs in and around Birmingham and the West Midlands to further our Raise The Bar project. 

Following a rigorous allocation process, we will shortly be announcing up to 5 weightlifting clubs based in the West Midlands. These clubs will work closely with British Weight Lifting over the next 18 months to create and deliver opportunities which attract a broader and more diverse range of participants to the sport of weightlifting. 

‘Come & Try’ weightlifting and strength training throughout August & September will be launched in due course.


We are excited to launch the next steps of our co-created #Couch2Kilos free strength programme designed to help EVERY women get stronger in just 6-weeks with strategic partners Her Spirit. 

With three levels, Couch2Kilos is suitable for women of all abilities from just starting out to those who are already active.

It is totally flexible, you can do it anytime, from anywhere, at the gym or home and on any device. You can start with zero equipment and work up the levels and learn how to use a variety of weights.

We start with our LIVE online session on 12 September 2022. 

Keep an eye out on our socials and website for all the ways to get involved in both projects. 

A big thanks to Sport England for supporting our efforts with both financial funding and digital expertise and advice. 

Take a look at the start lifting section of our website for the benefits of lifting weights, how to start safely and workouts for beginners. 





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