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Virtual Open Series 2022: round 4 results

The fourth quarter of the British Weight Lifting (BWL) Virtual Open Series 2022 has now concluded and it was a great success with 36 entries with a gender split of 11 males and 25 females including senior, master and youth age group lifters.

Virtual Open Series 2022: round 4 results

In the men’s seniors, Ryan Sweetman from Ronin Barbell Club took the top spot with 349.549 Sinclair points. Christopher Burwood took second place with 286.201 Sinclair points, and Yin Lau took third place with 234.834 Sinclair points.

In the women’s seniors, Hannah Beaumont from Triple X took the top spot with 231.955 Sinclair points. Lucinda McGatland took second place with 194.160 Sinclair points, and Charlotte Miles came in third place with 176.871 Sinclair points.

In the men’s masters, Ramadan Rabeh took first place with 298.767 SMF points. Robert Redwood-Mills took second place with 231.917 SMF points, putting Steven Stratford in third place with 231.971 SMF points.

In the women’s masters, Samantha Travis from Triple X took first place with 251.067 SMF points. Georgie Taylor-Darke took second place with 204.627 SMF points, putting Vicki Marsh in third place with 169.324 SMF points.

Adam Mey ranked top in the male youth competition with 266.186 Sinclair points.

Rose Archer came in first in the female development with 152 points.

View the round 4 results table here 

View the full round 4 results here


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