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Uncle Beef have extended their partnership with British Weight Lifting

We are delighted to announce that Uncle Beef have agreed to extend their partnership with British Weight Lifting.

Uncle Beef have extended their partnership with British Weight Lifting

The South African company have been ever present supporting British Weight Lifting events throughout 2019 with their high-quality catering service.

Uncle Beef strives to source the best farmed meat within the UK for its products. They handpick all meats from Smithfield Market which has nearly 1000 years of history within the meat trading industry. On a weekly basis Uncle Beef purchase the raw product, identifying the origin and quality of the meat so they can guarantee you receive the best of each product every time. This is why Uncle Beef has opted to use English, Scottish & Irish bred beef to give the best all-round look, taste and quality.

The team behind Uncle Beef

Steve Livens was born in South Africa and arrived in the UK in 2003. With limited establishments in the UK producing quality South African produce, Steve started to explore his own methods of meat drying following in the same footsteps as his late Grandfather.

Pete Tame is a born and bred Englishman who studied and qualified as a Physiotherapist and headed up the Medical Unit of a top level National Rugby Team. 

Working in a sporting environment with athletes from different disciplines, Pete noticed that one area of training that never seemed to change was the need for a food stuff that could deliver to an athlete a good quality of vitamins and minerals with a taste that could rival a piece of well-cooked steak.

High protein food sources are key for repair and rebuilding of muscle that is broken down during training and competition.

When Steve and Pete met they both realised that each had a passion to start a venture that combined three of the best parts of their lives, South Africa, Sport and Meat.

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