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UK Armed Forces Day: European & Invictus Games Champion Micky Yule Q&A

Today is Armed Forces Day, an annual event which is a chance to show your support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community: from currently serving troops to service families, veterans and cadets.

To honour the occasion, we caught up with European & Invictus Games Para Powerlifting Champion Micky Yule who served in Afghanistan.

The GB International athlete offered insight into how his training is developing, shared his thoughts on mental health support and discussed the positive development of strength sport opportunities for those serving in the Armed Forces.

UK Armed Forces Day: European & Invictus Games  Champion Micky Yule Q&A

How is your training going?  

Training has been up and down! I’ve struggled to stay consistent after lockdown easing and returning to Loughborough Uni.

What is it like to serve your country?  

To serve your country is the ultimate achievement, to put Queen and Country above your own safety is the truest test of your soul! 

Over the years Para Powerlifting has attracted many people who have served in the Armed Forces. What benefits do you think the sport can offer from your own experiences?  

Sport can be a massive game changer to mental health and the problems many soldiers face once they leave the Army. With little or no support, many lads find themselves in dark, dark places.

You have done some fantastic work as a motivational speaker. What is it like sharing your own experiences and how does it feel to inspire others?  

Sharing my story has been very therapeutic for me in the past with dealing with the trauma of war. It’s something that never leaves you. 

Tokyo will soon be upon us and Birmingham 2022 is on the horizon as well, so how do you prepare mentally for these big competitions? 

Mentally I just need to be able to train consistently. The lockdown hit my training harder than most. This seems to be a young man/woman sport these days. Once you have to adapt training or build up for kids then it’s very hard to keep the same support as those lucky enough to attend the central training base in Loughborough.

British Weight Lifting recently held the UK Armed Forces Weightlifting Championships. What are your thoughts on that relationship strengthening to allow those who are currently serving to have the opportunity to get involved in competitive strength sport events? 

UK Armed Forces have always been very fit and strong individuals. They will thrive under the pressure of sport and excel in their chosen fields. It’s what us Squaddies do!!!

You can find out more information on Armed Forces Day here


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