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Strong Is Not A Size Case Study: Shelly Pollard

Shelly Pollard lifted her fears and tried weightlifting when she met a Personal Trainer and asked for some advice to tackle health issues related to her weight. Like many women, this initial interaction with a Fitness Instructor proved vital.

Strong Is Not A Size Case Study: Shelly Pollard

For Shelly, this individual helped explain the benefits of weight training versus cardiovascular workouts. Even so, Shelly admits “I’ve always thought that weight training would make me bulky - cue my wild thoughts of male and female bodybuilders!” “I was also worried that I was too unfit to get through a session so he said we’d play it by ear. At my first session I was extremely nervous but after 40 minutes, I was surprised and was actually enjoying the fact I could do the movements and weights given to me. Three and a half years later, Shelly visits the gyms six days a week.

Without her training Shelly reveals she “felt too intimidated, there were loads of men who knew what they were doing and very few women. Now Shelly gets to enjoy the wide range of benefits lifting weights can bring. She loves the challenge and describes her workouts as a “mini therapy session- I can block everything out when I’m training. Lifting can also be a cardio session with strongman style training including farmers carries, sled push, tyre flips and slams etc. Most of all I love the fact I’ve loads of new friends!” 'Strong is not a size' is Shelly’s opinion. “I believe men and women come in all shapes and sizes and being fit and healthy is much better for you than an unrealistic shape portrayed on social media.

This is the message I wish ordinary people could take away and see that general commercial gyms are not filled with people like that.” “I also feel strongly about women being able to train alongside men, rather than “men only” or “women only” areas as we can all learn from and compliment each other with training techniques and styles.” “I talk and encourage new gym members or people who look overwhelmed as I never forget I felt like that once".

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