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Strong Is Not A Size Case Study: Anoushe Husain

Anoushé Husain is 31 years old and by her own admission, has “lived a rather diverse life.”

Strong Is Not A Size Case Study: Anoushe Husain

Born missing her right arm below the elbow, Anoushé has Ehlers Danlos syndrome and is a cancer survivor.

Anoushé confesses, “lifting weights has always been something I saw as not for me. It's something guys did and only guys who wanted to look buff.”

Despite refusing to go anywhere near a weights area in the past, Anoushé contacted a personal trainer to help build her strength as she started to compete in climbing. Ranked 2nd in the UK in her disability category, Anoushé saw an “obvious difference” between her and the field; “I simply wasn't strong.”

Fastforward, Anoushé has lifted her fear of weights and says she “feels very empowered knowing that lifting is not just a guy thing, anyone can do it.”

Having found the weight spaces “intimidating” and “scary”, Anoushé now notices how “jaws drop when I start preparing the heavier lifts. But they are looks of awe and respect rather than anything else.”

“Weights are for everybody” according to Anoushé, who encourages individuals to care about their own lifting journey and create an environment that suits them. “As long as it's sports appropriate, you can wear what you want.

As I wear a headscarf, I am covered up but I see women in loose tops or crop tops. Just be comfortable and happy with your choice.”

“I'm a 1m50, 1.5 armed woman with multiple health conditions. I can now lift my own body weight and hang off things with one hand. For someone so petite, I sure do pack a punch!


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