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Statement- Sonny Webster

It has been brought to our attention by UKAD that Sonny Webster, currently suspended from all sport for four years for an Anti-Doping Rule violation is offering his services and coaching seminars in the UK and in other Member Federations whilst subject to a period of ineligibility.

Statement- Sonny Webster

Having received this notice, we would like to remind all our members, lifters and support teams that Sonny Webster remains suspended until 13 June 2021 and any BWL member, lifter, coach or affiliated club should not associate with Sonny Webster in any professional or sports-related capacity. 

We would also politely remind all individuals of their responsibility to be fully aware of the latest Anti-Doping regulations which are available on UKAD’s web site:

Many thanks and kind regards

Ashley Metcalfe

Chief Executive, BWL


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