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St George's Day Q&A with Noorin Gulam

Today is St George’s day and to celebrate, we are posting athlete question and answers with two of the top English weightlifters.

St George's Day Q&A with Noorin Gulam

How did you get into weightlifting?

I started at school taking weightlifting up as a sport for my GCSE qualification which back in the day you could do!

Congratulations on some amazing lifting at the British Championships 2022! How are you feeling after securing the gold medal?

I feel super proud of myself and the journey that’s led to where I am now. It really is amazing when you see your hard work pay off. But it also lights a fire to continue and do even better.

How do you stay focussed in a competition environment?

I have recently been trying to switch off from the outside world and keep my mind busy with music. I like to sing along to songs that make me feel good and forget where I am.

Do you have a pre-competition ritual?

I like to have a bath the night before and make more of a deal around getting ready. Again, it helps keep my mind off lifting and I love to look good on stage.

What keeps you motivated to train?

I know I haven’t reached my potential yet and that I have goals I still want to achieve so I strive every day to achieve those goals that were set from when I was younger.

What are your current goals?

My current goal is to compete and medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Who is your biggest weightlifting inspiration?

I have many inspirations, but I would say in the UK Emily Muskett has definitely shown us all what you can achieve with the right mindset and attitude.

Finally, what would your advice be to beginners wanting to get involved in the sport?

Don’t worry about what people will think and say and enjoy yourself!! It’s such a fun and challenging sport.



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